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Sony Xperia PRO-I microphone has a new low of 3849 yuan, with an initial price of 10999 yuan.

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The Sony Xperia PRO-I single phone, which went on sale at the end of 2021, is equipped with a 1-inch image sensor and is officially priced at 10999 yuan.

Today, 's "Sony Digital flagship Store" has been reduced to 3899 yuan + 6-phase interest-free, and then return 50 yuan E-card, equivalent to only 3849 yuan: Sony Xperia PRO-I 512G version 3899 yuan direct link Xperia PRO-I uses a 6.5inch 4K full screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate display and 240Hz jitter blur reduction technology, and is equipped with a game enhancer.

Turn on the built-in H. S of Xperia PRO-I. Power control, while playing while charging, you can directly power the phone instead of charging the battery, reducing heat.

In terms of configuration, Xperia PRO-I carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile platform, has 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM, and supports 1TB's micro SDXC card.

As for the camera, all three Xperia PRO-I lenses use Zeiss T * antireflective coating and 3D iToF sensors. The newly developed 24mm lens uses Zeiss Tessar Optics T * to provide high-resolution images for higher contrast and sharpness. The Xperia PRO-I has 16mm, 24 mm and 50 mm lenses, and 3D iToF sensors can also calculate the distance between the camera and the subject in real time. Sony Xperia PRO-I phone 512G version 3899 yuan direct link

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