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Excel printing skills: print gridlines, print title lines, do not print error values.

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In our work, we print all kinds of documents and forms every day. For different requirements, we should use different printing methods. Here, Mr. Wang specially sorted out some knowledge about printing Excel forms for you. I believe it will be helpful to you!

1. Print gridlines print directly after finishing the form, you will find that there are no borders, most friends like to add borders to the form. In fact, we can in "print"-"Page setup"-"worksheet"-check "gridlines" on it, there is no need to add borders.


2. How to print the title line how to print A, B, C, D at the top of the table, and 1, 2, 3, 4 on the left. Title line?


3. Print headers when printing long forms, these forms will be printed out in many pages, but the header will only be displayed on the first page, and there will be no header title on the following paper. For a better preview, we usually set repeating headers so that each page has a header.

Go to "header layout"-"header Settings"-"worksheet", click the button next to "Top title Row" and select "title Row".


4, do not print error values often use function formulas, there will inevitably be error values, and do not want to print these error values, how to do?

In "print"-"Page setup"-"worksheet", set it to "blank" in "error cell print as".


5. The print form is too large to print one page, so how to zoom to one page to print?


6. How to print only part of the content you want in the selected area? We can first select the area we want to print, and then go to "print"-"print active worksheet" is set to "print selected area".


7, center print Excel form, the default print form is at the top on the left side of the position, if the form is too small, it will not be very beautiful. So, we can set vertical center and horizontal center.


8, print headers and footers many friends do not know, in fact, Excel also has headers and footers, we can also customize the settings.

Go to "Page layout"-"Page setup"-"header / footer", where you can set "header" and "footer" according to your needs.


9. Monochrome printing how to print a form in monochrome? That is, black and white!


10. Print the entire workbook what if you have multiple forms in your workbook that need to be printed? Do you want to print one by one manually? Unnecessary, we can go to "print"-"print active worksheet" is set to "print the entire workbook", so we can print the table!

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Wang Qi

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