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Senior executives: ET9, the executive flagship car, adopts a new safety body structure design and innovates the application of "whole vehicle seven-fold safety redundancy".

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, Wei Lai Chief Digital Safety Officer @Dr_Lulong sent a text to preheat the safety of the executive flagship sedan ET9. ET9 uses a new safe body structure design with a large number of high-strength steels and new alloys and composites. For the second row passengers, the coverage area and protection effect of airbag are very large, which can meet all side collision conditions in Europe and America.

In terms of safety lighting, ET9 combines intelligent LED light groups with Aquila super-sensing system to make night lighting brighter, wider and farther.

In terms of digital system security, Weilai's brand-new self-developed Tianshu SkyOS is the world's first commercial mass production "double security" real-time operating system based on SEL4 microkernel, which will be fully implemented on ET9 to replace third-party operating systems in key technical fields. notes that in the safety design of ET9, there is also a heavyweight innovation-seven layers of safety redundancy throughout the vehicle, covering drive, braking, steering, sensing, computing, communication and power distribution systems.

Taking the wire-by-wire chassis as an example, the failure rate of the system has not increased due to the introduction of new technologies such as wire-by-wire, but is lower than that of the traditional electronic control system, realizing the synchronous improvement of function, experience and safety.

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