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Shanghai police cracked the case of infringing on chip technology trade secrets: instructing former employees to change jobs and steal technology

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Thanks to netizens X42, kinja, soft media new friend 2089642, then this is the clue delivery!, December 23 (Xinhua) according to a tweet by Shanghai Economic investigation ECID official account (Economic Crime investigation Unit of Shanghai Public Security Bureau) yesterday, Shanghai police, under the command and deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and with the strong cooperation of Jiangsu police, successfully solved a case of infringing on chip technology trade secrets, arrested 14 criminal suspects and seized seven servers storing infringing chip technology. summarizes the history of the case:

In February 2021, Zhang and Liu, former senior executives of the right company, set up a technology company after leaving office in order to seek illegal benefits.

Subsequently, the above-mentioned suspects induced a number of former R & D personnel of the rights company to change jobs to their companies by means of high salaries and stock rights inducements, and instructed these personnel to illegally obtain chip technical information of the rights companies by means of excerpts and screen shots before leaving.

The chip technical information was then plagiarized and applied to the same type of chip designed by Zhang, with which the suspect and the company involved attempted to make an illegal profit. After identification, the infringing chip technology has 40 technical points, and the secret points of the trade secrets of the rights company have more than 90% identity, which constitute a substantial identity.

On April 19 this year, with the strong cooperation of the Jiangsu police, the Shanghai police carried out a centralized net-closing operation in Shanghai and Jiangsu, and successfully arrested 14 core members of the company involved, including Zhang and Liu, and promptly investigated and dealt with the amount of infringing chips before delivery.

The theft of secrets by the gang leads to the loss of the trade secret of the rights company, and the loss of the right company should be determined according to the commercial value such as the research and development cost of the trade secret and the income of implementing the trade secret.

Four major suspects, including Zhang and Liu, have been arrested by the police on suspicion of infringing trade secrets. The remaining 10 suspects have been released on bail pending trial.

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