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Claiming to replace mobile phones, Humane announced that AI Pin will start shipping in March next year.

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Shulou( Report-- December 23, Humane issued an announcement on Friday announcing that AI Pin will start shipping in March 2024, and officials say they will ship in turn according to the order of users' orders.

Humane officially launched its first screen-less wearable device, the Ai Pin, in November, a miniature projection placed on clothing that can interact on the palm of the hand in order to "replace the phone."

The AI Pin sells for $699 ( Note: currently about RMB 5096) and requires an additional subscription fee of $24 per month (currently about RMB175 for cellular data and AI model usage, which cannot be used without a subscription fee).

Ai Pin has a "laser ink display" function, which can project a monochrome (green) user interface on the palm of the hand with a resolution of 720p. Users can use a variety of gestures or voice interactions to take pictures, translate, calorie recognition and other functions.

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