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Happy long holiday: 40g of herb-flavored pistachios, 10 billion yuan subsidy, 39.9 yuan, double compensation.

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Shulou( Report--

Jingdong [Baicaowei Official Flagship Store]

The daily price of 400g canned pistachio with Baicao flavor salt is 64.9 yuan. Today, Jingdong's 10 billion yuan subsidy has dropped to 39.9 yuan.

Support buy expensive double compensation service, natural primary colors refuse bleaching:

Jingdong Baicao Salt Baked Pistachio 400g Buy 2 times more expensive than 10 billion yuan subsidy 39.9 yuan Direct link natural opening (opening rate ≥98%), easy to peel.

Ingredients: pistachio, sugar, salt.

Jingdong Baicao flavor salt baked pistachio 400g buy expensive 2 times compensate 10 billion yuan subsidy 39.9 yuan direct link

Tmall has no threshold red envelope up to 8888 yuan, draw once a day: click here to draw red envelope.

Welcome to download the most will buy App -good goods good price, high rebate, 1 cent can also withdraw cash!

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