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Lulai intelligent chassis system SkyRide Skyline released, equipped with "the world's first integrated hydraulic full active suspension"

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, in today's evening's 2023 Wei to-day event, Lulai intelligent chassis system SkyRide Skyline officially released, the first launch of the Lulai ET9 model.

SkyRide Skyline intelligent chassis has three core parts: by-line steering, rear wheel steering and full active suspension.

In terms of on-line steering, the system supports the adjustment of the steering ratio from 6:1 to 14:1; in terms of rear wheel steering, the minimum turning diameter of the car is 10.9m ( Note: Weilai ET9 wheelbase is 3.25m).

Skyline full active suspension is known as "the world's first integrated hydraulic full active suspension", with active suspension electric drive unit, the official said that "undulating road is not bumpy."

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