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ET9, the flagship executive sedan of Weilai, will be booked with an advance price of 800000 yuan and will be delivered by Q1 in 2025.

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, tonight on NIO Day, Weilai "executive flagship" and "technology flagship" new car ET9 officially released: from now on, the pre-order price is 800000 yuan, and delivery will begin in the first quarter of 2025.

Li Bin said that the 5000 yuan deposit can also deduct 10000 yuan for car purchase, and 100 hours of exclusive driver service can be given away. summarizes the details of the new car as follows:

In terms of appearance, the new car uses the "flying body" design language, the overall shape is close to the combination of the car and the crossover, the length, width and height are 5324/2016/1620mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3250mm. Officials say the car will bring the administrative flagship "the largest" space in its class.

In addition, the car is equipped with 23-inch wheels, 200mm ground clearance and 220mm suspension stroke, supporting an one-second 50mm reduction. The "iconic" watchtower lidar, camera and other structures of Xilai have not been absent this time, and the new car has added a lateral wide-angle lidar for the first time.

The car is also equipped with intelligent high-definition projection headlights, which can project zebra crossings for pedestrians and show the effect of "tracking light blanket" when turning. The electric rear wing of the car can be automatically unfolded when the speed exceeds 80km/h, which can improve the aerodynamic performance and endurance.

Interior decoration, the car pioneered the "administrative bridge" original four-seat layout, running through the front and back rows, known as the integration of 20 sub-systems. Among them, a 360 °stepless adjustment administrative desk case has been set up in the back area, which supports the accompanying adjustment at any angle.

The "Executive Bridge" also integrates an electric opening and closing refrigerator, which supports one-button electric opening, has about 10 liters of space, and supports temperature adjustment between-2 ℃-55 ℃. The roof of the car also has a longitudinal "sky island"-arched atmosphere lights and an independent canopy, seven electric sunshades. In the front and rear of the vehicle, each provides a 14.5in OLED interconnected administrative screen, and the inclination of the screen supports follow-up adjustment.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the front motor is 180kW, and the maximum power of the rear motor is 340kW. The new car is also equipped with a global 900V high voltage architecture, including battery, motor, DC-DC, vehicle charger and other core components, with a maximum voltage of 925V, a peak charging power of 600 kW and a peak charging current of 765A. At the same time, the car is equipped with self-developed 1200V silicon carbide power module with a power density of 1315kW / L and a power cycle capacity of more than 300000 times.

Weilai ET9 also has a built-in 5C high-voltage fast charging battery package with a full capacity of 120kWh, using a self-developed 46105 cylindrical cell with an energy density of 292Whhand kg; it supports 5C flash charging, together with 640kWh charging piles, and claims to be able to charge for 5 minutes and last for 255km.

The car is equipped with a "SkyRide" Skyboard chassis system, with on-line steering, rear wheel steering and full active suspension, with a maximum rear wheel steering angle of 8.3 °and a minimum turning diameter of 10.9m.

In terms of intelligence, the car provides three lidars to form a 360 °non-dead angle detection capability. Officials say it can recently detect 10cm and can detect as far as 150m. ET9 launch is equipped with self-developed smart driving chip "Shenji NX9031", using 5nm technology to build, with 50 billion + transistors, supporting 32-core CPU. In addition, the car's built-in central supercomputing platform 2.0 supports the computing functions of six plates, including smart driving, intelligent cockpit, smart chassis, body, power and cloud.

In terms of safety, the car body has a torsional stiffness of 52600N ·m / deg, with a strength of 2000MPa; nine airbags are standard, with a side airbag length of 2.3m and a height of 0.67m, which claims to be able to cover the front and rear passenger protection area at 100%; built-in Aquila 2.0 "Sky Eagle" super-sensing system, which claims to have a perception area equivalent to 60 football fields, with a maximum sensing area of more than 400000 square meters.

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