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PITAKA launches "red, white and blue" artist joint style magnetic aramid fiber mobile phone case: suitable for iPhone 15 series, sold for 499 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 18, PITAKA Mini Program launched a "red, white and blue" artist joint magnetic aramid fiber phone case, suitable for the iPhone 15 series, the price is 499 yuan.

The mobile phone shell uses the light, thin and tough high-tech composite "aramid fiber", and uses the floating weaving process to crisscross the warp and weft of red, white and blue; through the "cicada wing light and thin technology", the interlayer and MagSafe are modularized, making the phone shell thin to 1.15mm, weighing 19.1 g.

The mobile phone shell adopts vacuum and high temperature integrated molding process, which retains the original properties of aramid material and makes the braided texture more three-dimensional; after three layers of spray painting, it ensures a skin-friendly texture. Jacquard weaving technology is added to the floating weaving process, and the jacquard process itself has the characteristics of inconsistency between the positive and negative sides, although there is only one layer of cloth on the surface, in fact, in order to achieve the positive pixel pattern effect, the reverse side must be prepared with a whole layer of silk thread crisscross, with a total of two layers of material. attached product parameters:

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