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"quality effect" legendary edition Steam 1 discount history low: 248RMB → 24.8RMB

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the same clue delivery!, December 23 (Xinhua)-- the legendary edition of "quality effect" will go on sale on Steam in 2021, priced at 248RMB, and is currently being promoted at a new record price of 24.8RMB.

According to reports, the legendary version of "quality effect" will contain single basic content and more than 40 DLC in the widely acclaimed "quality effect", "quality effect 2" and "quality effect 3" trilogy series, and all of them will be reset and optimized for new upgrades to support 4K Ultra HD.

There is no official simplified Chinese for the time being, and the recommended configuration is i7-7700 + GTX 1070.

Game introduction attached to

Recreate a movie-like legend

Thrilling adventures are intertwined with gripping interactive stories, and you will decide how to unfold your unique story.

Three games-unified starter: play the "quality effect" trilogy single player basic games and more than 40 DLC, but also have a variety of promotional weapons, armor, and various packages for you to get.

New Generation reset Optimization: relive the classic trilogy in 4K Ultra HD with enhanced texture, visual effects and modeling, all supporting HDR.

Full trilogy visual enhancement: game updates include enhanced models, shaders, FX, lighting and depth of field, and full resolution audio.

Experience the legendary adventures of Shepard

Create and customize your characters, from the appearance and skills of Commander Shepard to a personalized arsenal. Then, lead your elite scout team on a journey through the turbulent galaxy.

New Shepard Custom system: with improved hairstyle, makeup, eye color and skin tone, you can create your own Shepard in the unified character creator in the trilogy and experience all the options. Or choose the iconic female Shepard of "quality effect 3", which is now available in all games.

The original "quality effect" game is enhanced: enjoy carefully improved shooting and weapon balance, better control of the gray mackerel shark, input / control, team behavior, cover behavior and game shot settings.

Consider your choice

Your choice will run seamlessly through the game trilogy. Every decision you make will affect every mission, every relationship, and the outcome of every battle, and even the fate of the entire galaxy in the Mass effect trilogy.

Visual enhancement of the initial "quality effect": to create a complete world construction of the first generation of works for you, including environmental art, visual effects and level re-lighting.

PC update: enjoy the modern PC experience in the full trilogy, support for local controller and 21:9 widescreen mode, improved user interface navigation, and DirectX 11 compatibility.

Include content

The legendary version of "quality effect" will include a full trilogy of single player basic games ("quality effect", "quality effect 2" and "quality effect 3"), your favorite single story DLC, and a variety of promotional weapons, armor, packages and so on.

DLC: destruction of the firmament, Genesis, Zeid-the price of vengeance, Xia-stolen memories, Shadow broker's Nest, Firewalker kit, overlord, Normandy crash site, coming, Genesis 2, Nirvana, Mass effect 3: extended ending, Leviathan, Omega and Fortress.

Weapons and armor: Cyberus weapon armored bag, Flash Arc, Mass effect 2 collectible weapon armored bag, Temoros weapon armored bag, MMel 21 teeth, Blood Dragon armor, Hell Armor, Reconnaissance Shield, Sentinel Interface, Shadow face Armor, N7 Combat set, AT-12 Raider, Chakram Launcher,M-55 Argos, Mmur90 Indra and Reckoner Knight Armor.

Package: balanced armored bag, Aegis bag, firepower weapon package, ground resistance package, scout action package, fierce firefight package, ME2 alternative appearance package 1 Magi ME2 alternative appearance package 2 Magi ME3 alternative appearance package 1 and "Mass effect 3" N7 collection package.

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