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The latest EA version of Magic Craft is updated to make it cooler, cooler and more in-depth!

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On December 21, Steam particularly praised roguelike game Magic Craft for its second version update. As a new game that was launched in early November and is still in the early stage of EA experience, Magic Craft has been updated continuously to prove the developer's serious attitude towards the game.

As a deep meat pigeon game enthusiast, this free combination of magic, magic painting style of the rougelike game to the author of great fun, the game launched in November at the beginning of the full picture by me for two days, this just updated the second version of EA naturally can not be missed, so the new version of "Magic Craft" can bring us what interesting and magical experiences and challenges?

More gorgeous spell effects, more in-depth spell construction

"Magic Craft" is a fantasy magical world created against the background of being invaded by the ancient gods, through which the brave "players" can freely combine unique spells to defeat the ancient gods and save the world. The core of the game is the Roguelike spell construction, there are dozens of spells designed in the game, through a variety of active and passive spell runes on the staff free mosaic, fusion, arrangement order, players can create countless gorgeous and magical combination spells.

Take the laser spell as an example, after matching a series of spells such as multiple shooting, parallel shooting, automatic navigation, splitting, etc., the laser can evolve into a laser waterfall. Dozens of automatically locked lasers will turn every second to help you remove all the enemies on the screen. Of course, you can also match the rotation spell to let these lasers rotate around yourself. In the game, your imagination will determine your upper limit. How big the brain hole is, how strong the spell is!

If the spell construction pool of the previous version of Magic Crafts has been ridiculously large, the newly updated December version has further deepened the spell construction depth of the game, and five new spells have been added to the game. the new spell provides a new left-right connection mechanism, which is different from the previous split and multi-shooting, which is equivalent to changing the underlying structural logic of the spell construction. Let the combination of spells get a new visual effects and attack methods, spell plasticity and game playability, please climb another tall building. For example, gorgeous fireworks can trigger up to 12 right spells, while the original split triggers up to 8 splits globally. Of course, the free "magic craft" can be used with gorgeous fireworks and splits. The final effect is 12 triggered spells and split 8 times at the same time, 96 spells on the same screen seconds, by the way, your computer (laughter) ~

Ps: players who want to be alive can match all of them with multiple shots, multiple shots, mimic Rubik's cube, splits, and gorgeous fireworks. Note that non-4090 graphics card players are not recommended to try this.

More diverse Build genres and richer game content

In "Magic Craft", players can get a variety of powerful relics through the game process, each with unique attributes, as well as dozens of characteristic wands, and through the combination of relics, staff and spells, can achieve cool magic effects. For example, the author's favorite relic, the Magic robe, allows players to stretch out their arms like Lufei, and melee spells such as arcane explosions and broken swords instantly evolve into long-range spells.

The new version of the game also adds a variety of relics and potions to help players better build spell genres, of course, the game also adds a new curse, believe me, people have to be more careful when opening the curse chest in the new version.

In addition to new relics, new potions and new curses, the latest EA version of Magic Crafts has finally moved the game forward, allowing players to unlock new plot, NPC and gameplay systems. In addition, the game has added 250 maps to revolutionize the player's game experience.

Highly discerning art style to create a strange and magical world

As a magic action roguelike game, "Magic Craft" can not only bring a refreshing and exciting action game experience for players who like hard-core rogue, but also provide a highly recognizable art visual experience for all players. The game's checkpoint scene and the ancient god monster painting style are strange and original. Players can experience hundreds of map scenes with different styles from the forest to the castle and then to the vanity corridor, and the monsters are also full of Ke style. the magic game painting style is matched with the funny Wulitou plot, which successfully shows a fantastic and strange magical world.


At this stage, Magic Craft is still a new game in the EA stage, but the official attitude of seriously developing constantly updated iterations is absolutely commendable. For more than a month since the EA version of the game was released on November 2, various BUG fixes and patches have been updated more than a dozen times, and even the version content has been updated twice, adding a large number of new game content, which makes the game experience of "Magic Craft" more excellent, and players who have experienced the preemptive experience are not stingy in giving praise. The game has received 93% special praise on Steam in the last 30 days. Generally speaking, "Magic Craft" can be called a delicate magic action roguelike game, the future boutique can be expected!

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