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What are the common directories of linux

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This article is a detailed introduction to "what are the common directories of linux". The content is detailed, the steps are clear, and the details are properly handled. I hope this article "what are the common directories of linux" can help you solve your doubts. Let's go deeper and learn new knowledge together with the ideas of Xiaobian.

Linux directory: 1, bin directory;2, sbin directory;3, usr directory;4, dev directory;5, home directory;6, proc directory;7, var directory;8, boot directory;9, etc directory;10, lib directory;11, selinux directory;12, mnt directory and so on.

This tutorial operates on Linux 5.9.8 and Dell G3 computers.

Common directories in Linux

1. bin directory

binary: directory of executable program files corresponding to a number of instructions

2. sbin directory

Description: super binary many "instructions" corresponding to the "executable program file" directory, the directory file corresponding instructions are "root" users can execute instructions ordinary users can not use the directory commands:

Regular users: Start with $

root user: Start with #

3. usr directory

Description: unxi system resource

unix system resource

This directory is similar to the C:/Program files directory for win systems

This directory is often used to install various software

After the software is installed, a corresponding instruction will be formed, and the executable program file corresponding to the instruction will be stored in the following directory

/usr/bin executable program files directory for many instructions/usr/sbin executable program files directory for instructions executed by root

4. dev directory

Description: device system hardware device directory (all hardware of linux system is represented by files)

For example: /dev/cdrom is the optical drive/dev/sda is the first scsi hard drive

5. home directory

Description: "Home Directory" for regular users

Each time an ordinary user is added to the system, a file directory representing the user's "home directory" will be set in the directory. When the user uses the system later, he will first enter its directory. The name of the home directory is consistent with the name of the current user by default. The user has the absolute highest authority on the home directory.

6. Proc directory

Memory mapping directory, where you can view information about the system

7. var directory

variable, variable, changeable

The files stored in this directory change frequently (add, modify, delete)

Often used to deploy project program (php) files



8. boot directory

Description: System startup core directory, used to store system startup files

Linux kernel files only 18 MB

du -h: View file size

9. etc directory

System main configuration file directory

For example:

/etc/passwd File used to store user information

/etc/group File used to store group information

10. lib directory

library: system resource file class library directory

11. Selinux Directory (Secure Enhanced Linux)

Description: Security enhanced linux forms protection for the system

There will be some impact when installing software

12. mnt directory

Note: Store temporary mapping file system, we often mount floppy disk drive and optical drive in the floppy and cdrom subdirectories here.

13. tmp directory

Description: Directory for temporary files

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