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Hisense reads the mobile phone A7 and repairs both inside and outside, taking you to see the new horizon.

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Double Twelve is about to attack, this is the last big promotion activity of this year, Hisense has also launched a lot of profit-making activities in this double Twelve event, such as the classic version of Hisense Reading Mobile phone A7 with the original price of 1999 yuan, which will be sold at a profit of 700 yuan and 1299 yuan in seconds during this promotion period.

The Hisense Reader phone A7 Classic uses a 6.7inch ink screen and a 300ppi to avoid strobe and harmful blue light on the eyes. In terms of reading experience, the classic version of Hisense 5G reading phone A7 supports dynamic refresh mode, dark backlight mode and application bleaching mode.

 dynamic mode: open the dynamic mode and intelligently judge whether the current interface is in clear mode. If you browse the interface up and down or open the input method to input text, it will automatically switch to balanced mode to refresh, and automatically switch back to clear mode after sliding, thus reducing the problem of frequent flickering during interface content sliding or text input.

 application bleaching: turn on the application bleaching function, the background of the application page will be automatically adjusted whiter, the text will be automatically adjusted darker, and the black and white contrast will be improved.

 night backlight mode: optimize the current night mode and set an independent dimming interval to facilitate users to manually adjust in this mode interval, so that the screen is not too bright in dim light.

In addition, the Hisense Reader phone A7 Classic Edition supports the lock screen reading function, which can be locked in the reading interface of specific reading software such as mainstream reading App, which will display the current reading content. At this time, you can double-click the screen, press the volume key to turn the page, or press the Mo Zhi key to turn the page. New alarm clock lock screen style, using the new UI, support 500 + icon customization and font stepless adjustment, but also long press the ink key and speak quickly open inspiration shorthand notes and directly record and convert to text.

In addition to reading, the Hisense Reading phone A7 classic version of the body backplane integrates dozens of processes such as UV transfer printing, optical coating and so on, while adding AG surface treatment technology to better restore the frosted touch and visual perception of paper books, reading for a long time and holding it more comfortable. Equipped with 1217 superlinear loudspeakers, external performance is good. For headphone users, its Hi-Fi chip AK4377AECB brings an excellent audio experience. Whether listening to music or books, Hisense Reading phone A7 can bring a pleasant feeling and become a portable Hi-Fi music player for users. Support NSA / SA dual-mode 5G, support domestic mainstream 5G band (N41 / N78 / N79), and seamless switching between 5G and 4G, while using the new Wifi mimo dual-antenna technology to support 5G hot spot sharing.

At present, the classic 6+128GB version of Hisense Reader A7 has dropped by 700 yuan in 's self-operated flagship store to only 1299 yuan. In addition, you can also enjoy multiple gifts such as six periods of interest-free and trade-in trade-in to a high subsidy of 650yuan.

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