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7499 yuan, would-be college students must buy a good-looking game Benhua Shuo Tianxuan 4pm R9 7940H+RTX4060

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If you want to talk about the good-looking and frivolous game book, Asustek's heaven-chosen series must be a popular candidate. This year's Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version benefits from AMD's new Ruilong 97940H processor and RTX 4060, two cores of high energy efficiency, which make the fuselage lighter and thinner, with full performance release, and outstanding appearance, which has become the heart of the student party. Now coincides with the graduation season, Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version only costs 7499 yuan, prospective college students in need can pay attention to a wave.

Tianxuan 4 sharp dragon version of the design is very exquisite, the body is only the thickness of the 22mm, the weight is only 2.1Kg, in the 16-inch game book is quite portable, and can even be comparable to many lightweight omnipotent books. Tianxuan series has always been about appearance, and Tianxuan 4 also continues this feature. Equipped with magic blue and solar eclipse gray two kinds of colors, coupled with the iconic logo of Tianxuan series, the look and feel is simple and fashionable.

Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version is equipped with AMD's latest Phoenix architecture R9-7940H processor, which is an 8-core 16-thread CPU using TSMC 4nm technology, with strong single-core multi-core performance and good energy efficiency. In terms of graphics cards, the 7499 yuan model uses the RTX 4060 laptop GPU, which can run at full power consumption of up to 140W. The 40 series graphics card uses NVIDIA Ada architecture and DLSS 3 technology for stronger performance and lower power consumption. Tianxuan 4 sharp dragon version also supports hot swap function, which can be mixed and output as needed, which is very convenient.

Tianxuan 4 Rui long version uses a glacier cooling system, with five heat pipes and four tuyere, as well as a unique trapezoidal cutting design to make the number of game frames more stable. Three cooling modes are also available in Ultron, which can be switched by using the shortcut key "FN+F5". In manual mode, users can also customize fan curves, adjust CPU power consumption and overclock GPU.

Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version of the screen also has a big upgrade, 15.6in 2.5k screen, resolution of 2560X1440, refresh rate is upgraded to the high refresh rate of 240HZ, more suitable for e-sports games. The ultra-short response time of 3ms, the brightness of 300nits, support DC dimming technology and screen anti-tear technology, make the game operation more accurate and smooth. The color gamut of this screen covers 100% DCI-P3, the color restoration is more realistic, the color transition is smoother, and the layers are richer. It can also be used for creative production work after games.

Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version of the storage configuration is also very prominent, it is equipped with 8+8GB DDR5 dual-channel memory and 512GB PCIe4.0 solid-state drive, and Asustek Tianxuan 4 has expansion slots, memory and hard disk are dual-slot design, can be upgraded to 64GB's DDR5 memory + 8T dual solid-state drive, leaving enough room for later expansion.

Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version is also rich in interfaces, with power interface, RJ45 gigabit network port, HDMI 2.1interface, Type-An interface and Type-C full-function interface on the side, as well as a USB and 3.5mm headphone interface, which can meet the needs of all the equipment we use every day, which does not need to expand the dock at all, and supports PD charging, and takes it out to class without bringing a power adapter like a brick.

In addition to the Tianyuan 4 Rui long version, ROG Alpha rookie 2023 and Devil 7 Plus are also involved in promoting activities. These three games are all based on RTX 4060 notebook computer GPU, but Warcraft Xinrui 2023 uses intel i7-13650HX processor, while Mombass 7 Plus uses R9-7845HX processor, which is more powerful. If you are interested, you can go to platform to take advantage of the promotion: Asustek Tianxuan 4 Ruilong version 15.6in high-performance e-sports game notebook (new R9-7940H 16G 512G RTX4060 2.5K 165Hz P3 wide color gamut) Grey 7499 yuan direct link ROG devil new 2023 13th generation Intel Core i7 16-inch star cloud screen e-sports game notebook (i7-13650HX liquid gold heat conduction 16G 1T RTX4060 2.5K 240Hz P3 wide color gamut) 9999 yuan direct link [ ROG devil 7 Plus] ROG devil 7 Plus 17.3in e-sports game notebook computer (R9 7845HX liquid gold heat conduction 16G 1T RTX4060 240Hz P3 wide color range) [quotation price evaluation] 8999 yuan direct link 11.11 no threshold red packet to as high as 11111 yuan: click here to draw red packet (three times a day)

Tmall 11.11 No threshold red packet up to 23888 yuan: click here to draw red packet (once a day)

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