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Nintendo says it will soon launch a high-specification mainframe, enough to run call of Duty.

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues!, July 27 (Xinhua)-- according to previous revelations, the development of a new Nintendo Switch handset may be nearing completion and is expected to be released next year.

The European Union recently released detailed documents on the Microsoft acquisition, which mentioned that after signing a 10-year agreement on call of Duty, Nintendo and Microsoft hope to "reflect the technical features of these games" on their consoles and will soon launch a higher-specification console that will become a stronger competition against Xbox and PlayStation.

However, the European Commission did not provide any evidence that Nintendo will launch the next generation of game consoles or whether the hardware specifications of the new consoles will match those of current generations of Sony and Microsoft consoles. In this regard, Nintendo argues that "Nintendo has publicly and generally affirmed the process of continuous development work on a number of occasions."

As previously mentioned in FTC's court documents, Microsoft expects Nintendo to launch a new Switch game handset next year.

According to Activision Blizzard CEO, the information performance of Nintendo's next-generation game consoles is close to that of Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One. For now, the new phone will not be any better than Sony's PS4, but it will be enough to run call of Duty.

Although there are no official details about the next-generation NS, Nintendo president Toshitaro Furukawa has hinted at the existence of the new phone.

When asked about Nintendo's Switch successor, he said Nintendo wanted to "make the transition from Nintendo Switch to subsequent consoles as smooth as possible", and that they planned to use Nintendo Account to achieve that goal.

There were rumors earlier this year that after the release of Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo Switch games will be reduced to prepare for the release of Switch successors next year.

Nintendo said it was still in discussions "to break through uncharted territory", and responded as follows:

The future hardware style is still under discussion.

There is no guarantee that the new console will play Switch games backwards.

Although the proportion of downloading games has increased, we still want to develop soft and hard mainframes in the future.

Although Switch has made its debut for seven years, it is still considering breaking into uncharted territory.

The game will still devote all its efforts.

With regard to the resale of the new generation of game consoles in the future, it is emphasized that it will meet the market demand.

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