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The sales of V Society Steam Deck OLED game handset are so hot that the store crashed and couldn't check out at one time.

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Shulou( Report-- reported on November 17 that the Steam Deck OLED handset has officially gone on sale, with the 512G version priced at $549 ( Note: currently about 3980 yuan), the 1TB version priced at $649 (currently about 4705 yuan), and the 1TB translucent limited edition priced at $679 (currently about 4923 yuan).

▲ Picture Source The Verge according to The Verge and other foreign media reports, sales of this handset are so hot that it even crushed the Steam purchase page and checkout system at one point, and some players who tried to buy Steam Deck OLED found their goods stuck in their shopping carts and could not check out.

At present, V Club has repaired the server and checkout system, and people can place orders normally. On Reddit, many players announced that they had successfully purchased the Steam Deck OLED version. Foreign media believe that these may be reminiscent of the pre-order process of the early July 2021 Steam Deck, when players once packed the store.

According to previous reports from, Valve officially announced the launch of the Steam Deck game console with OLED panel on November 10, with a 7.4inch OLED screen, 90Hz refresh rate and peak brightness of 1000 nits; equipped with 50Wh battery, battery life can be extended by 50%; processor upgrade to 6nm AMD "Sephiroth", previously 7nm "Aerith", no improvement in performance; larger, quieter fan and larger heat sink.

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