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The advance subscription of Meizu 21 model has exceeded 150000, and if it breaks 200000, it will take another 180 days to replace the repair service.

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, Muirseth's clue delivery! November 17 news, Meizu official announced that Meizu 21 advance bookings exceeded 150000, one yuan advance bookings exceeded 200000 will be an additional 180 days to replace the repair service.

It is understood that Meizu 21 yuan advance subscription can get N rights and interests such as 36-month warranty, including priority delivery, trade-in subsidy, and 999 yuan rights package for AR smart glasses:

100 yuan deduction for buying AR smart glasses

70% discount with full reduction coupons

Trendy sticker (worth 30 yuan) previously reported that Meizu 21 has a narrow 1.74mm frame, which is known as "challenging the narrowest lower frame in the world". At the same time, Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Xinji Meizu Group, posted the real picture of Meizu 21 white panel, and revealed that on the first day of Meizu 21 mobile phone planning, the team was challenging the "very narrow fourth-class white panel" and admitted that it was "really difficult to do". Fortunately, the team finally got it done.

Shen Ziyu said she hopes to eventually give users a "real quad", calling it "physical quad", using Samsung's flagship straight screen to achieve the 1.74mm frame.

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