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Great Wall Mountain and Sea Gun performance version on the market: carrying 3.0T V6+9AT, maximum towing mass 3.3t, 279800 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 17 news, 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show opened today, the Great Wall Mountain and Sea Gun performance version on the national market, the price of 279800 yuan. noted that the Shan Hai Gun performance version is based on a tank platform, with a length of 5.46m and a width of nearly 2m, which is close to the full size class; black ornaments are added to the front hatch and cargo box rear door, with a flat + open rear door, a three-door flat cover rain shed, a front and rear metal bumper, an 18-inch AT tire, a 12500-pound T-MAX winch, etc., and comes with its own C6 towing traction qualification, with a maximum towing mass of 3.3t.

On the interior, the new car is the first to adjust the rear seat electrically, with a maximum backrest angle of 33 degrees; standard 12.3inch instrument + 14.6inch central control large screen, streaming media inner rearview mirror, car machine equipped with 8155 chip, L2 intelligent driving assistance and so on.

In terms of power, the mountain and sea gun performance version is equipped with 3.0T V6+9AT power combination, equipped with BergWarner 4A+MLOCK super four-wheel drive system, with a maximum power of 260kW and a peak torque of 500Nm.

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