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Promote the healthy and long-term growth of developers OPPO opens a new chapter in application and service ecology

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On November 16, the 2023 OPPO developer Conference (hereinafter referred to as ODC23) with the theme of "sharing change and sharing wisdom" was held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. In the field of application services, OPPO builds more stable, secure and open product technical capabilities and increases support around the two major ecology of applications and services, which promotes the development, operation and distribution of developers on the terminal platform to a new level. Han Xin, director of OPPO Open platform Operations, said that OPPO will pay more attention to mobile phone user experience, continue to explore the application of full-process security technology services, and continue to build multiple business scenarios for developers to explore more and more efficient user traffic entrances.

Full-stage standardized tools and processes are implemented to create a higher quality application experience

In recent years, the per capita number of apps installed by Android users has stabilized, and users have focused more on the security and experience of app use. How to create a stable and excellent application experience with high efficiency and low cost to achieve sustainable development has become the focus of developers recently.

Based on this, OPPO has newly upgraded the cloud testing service capability and built a professional mobile phone laboratory. The test model can cover more than 95% of OPPO users, and the system version spans Android 5 to Android 14, solving the problem that developers are unable to fully verify application compatibility due to incomplete test models. At the same time, OPPO also provides a variety of automated testing capabilities, developers can choose their own test types and models according to business scenarios. In terms of access, OPPO provides a variety of access methods, such as web page, API, ADB direct connection and so on. According to the data released by OPPO, Cloud Test provides developers with 13,000 real machine debugging times per month, saving developers 670000 yuan in equipment costs per month.

In response to privacy and security issues of concern to users, OPPO provides standardized privacy compliance testing services for developers, supporting on-shelf review and troubleshooting, helping developers to achieve privacy compliance at low cost. In terms of account security, OPPO's identity key system began to support access keys, and OPPO became the first mobile device manufacturer in China to support access keys, which is based on industry standardization, which can improve the success rate of user application login, shorten login time, effectively help developers reduce user login and registration costs, and improve application conversion efficiency through the full link. In addition, through quality monitoring, OPPO helps developers to actively identify and solve problems within the application, enhance user experience and retention, and help developers operate in a long-term manner.

Apply download and update to improve efficiency, retain the amount and improve it together.

In an environment where the growth rate of application distribution is slowing down, in order to provide developers with more effective user access and retention paths, the OPPO Software Store has brought new capabilities such as playing while playing, unloading recall, login-free, differential update packages, and so on. According to official figures, the OPPO software store currently has 250 million monthly active users and 18 billion monthly distributions.

In order to solve the problem that the game installation package is generally large and users are easy to lose in the download and installation process, OPPO has introduced the ability to "play while downloading". After the download progress of most games reaches 50%, users can enter the game in advance. At present, 500 games have been connected to play at the same time, and the activation rate of connected games has increased by 223% on average. With the uninstall recall login-free service, the conversion rate of recalled users can be further improved. At the same time, in order to improve the update efficiency, OPPO introduces the differential package update capability, which reduces the average size of the update package to 1 big 3 of the whole package. According to statistics, the application update completion rate of enabling differential package update can be increased to 97%. In addition, when accessing the "update enabling" application update, you can pull up the store update page with one button, omit the tedious steps such as security detection and authorization, automatically complete the version update, shorten the update process, and increase the activation rate by 22%. Through the above series of software store capability upgrades, OPPO helps developers obtain users efficiently and keep them stably.

2 billion-level traffic support, new distribution of ubiquitous services and efficient access to users

As Internet services go deep into all areas of life, in the face of a large number of application lists, on the one hand, it is difficult for users to find the applications they want, on the other hand, all kinds of applications are easy to download and forget. To this end, OPPO has created a new distribution form of "ubiquitous services" for the majority of developers, so that mobile phone users can enjoy a more intelligent service and content interaction experience, but also injected new growth potential energy for the majority of ecological developers.

OPPO said that ubiquitous services in the form of card flow, combined with Pantanal context awareness and the central brain of intelligent algorithms, timely and actively push the services he wants to users, and through high-exposure location explicit service prompts such as negative screen, desktop cloth suggestion, notification center, status bar capsule, users can click on the card to jump to the corresponding application or service page to improve the accessibility of all kinds of application services. For example, after the map access ubiquitous service is distributed, the click-through rate increases by 70%. It is reported that OPPO will provide developers with 2 billion + full-scene traffic to help developers find new users, improve user activity and recover lost users.

At present, OPPO Services Ecology has launched 300 + services, and the daily exposure of more than 40 services is more than 10 million. It has contributed more than 1 million daily active users to developers in, Meituan, Bao, maps and other fields. In 2024, OPPO will invest 2 billion resources to support the service ecology, including traffic, marketing, hardware, commerce and other aspects, to comprehensively help developers tap new growth momentum and achieve efficient access and realization of content and services.

OPPO keeps abreast of the development trend of the industry and focuses on user needs, bringing developers more secure and efficient standardized tools and processes, more sound application compliance protection, more efficient application distribution and more intelligent service distribution capabilities, empowering developers throughout the life cycle in development, distribution operation and policy support, and working with developers to build a healthy and win-win application and service ecology.

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