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Pantanal system capability landed, deeply empowered developers fully embraced the service ecology

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Shulou( Report--

On November 16, the 2023 OPPO developer Conference (hereinafter referred to as ODC23) with the theme of "sharing change and sharing wisdom" was held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. OPPO brings new fluid cloud interactions based on Pantanal's intelligent cross-terminal capabilities, and service reminders will appear at the right time, interface and interaction mode, bringing developers a more intimate user experience. At the same time, OPPO comprehensively upgraded the development kit to reduce the development investment of ubiquitous services to 1 person-day, and provided comprehensive developer service support. The official release of the Pantanal system developer Manual will also provide developers with guidance on the whole process of development, distribution, operation and realization. OPPO will work with developers to create a prosperous service ecology.

Ubiquitous service card standard design access, multi-entry and multi-device adaptive to create an intimate user experience

Ubiquitous service is oriented to the era of integration of everything and people-centered, and aims to provide users with a multi-scene active service experience by improving the perception and interaction ability of software and hardware and the ability of computing and decision-making. As two important carriers of ubiquitous services, fluid cloud and desktop card support rapid access of multiple scene templates, adaptive layout of multiple ends, flow of information with people, and provide a friendly visual experience. Help developers create a more intimate and proactive user service experience.

According to reports, the fluid cloud launched by OPPO for the first time can choose the most suitable entrance to show users in the status bar, AOD, lock screen, notification center and other entrances according to the importance of the information, and will seamlessly link up with mobile phones, watches, cars and other devices to provide users with a continuous experience of service. At the same time, according to the characteristics of different types of services, OPPO also provides a variety of templates to support multi-entry, multi-device adaptive layout, bringing intuitive, orderly, convenient and intimate machine experience, so that the service is direct.

The development kit reduces the threshold of ubiquitous service development, and the manpower investment is reduced to 1 person-day at least.

In order to enable developers to access the Pantanal system more efficiently and cost-effectively and develop their own services, OPPO comprehensively upgraded the development kit, including a new service development framework, developer IDE and a low-code development tool-service building platform that can also be quickly used by people without programming experience, so that the development workload is as low as 1 person / day.

The service development framework provides a standard paradigm, supports one-time development, multi-device and multi-entry self-adaptation, and realizes rapid adaptation of ubiquitous service forms such as desktop cards, fluid clouds, widgets and so on. For the needs of developers with different programming experience, OPPO provides two development tools: developer IDE and service building platform. Developer IDE is for developers with rich programming experience, including more than 20 templates for different business domains, such as travel, convenient life, etc., and can quickly generate cards. In the debugging process, support multi-entry, multi-device card effect real-time preview, but also can be pushed to the real machine to see a more real card effect.

In addition, the service building platform unveiled for the first time is aimed at products / operators / designers with no programming experience, and supports the rapid creation of ubiquitous services with low code. Its biggest feature is to add components by dragging and dropping. This visual way makes the development work particularly simple, with a learning cost of less than 0.5 days and a single card development of less than 1 day. The service building platform can also automatically complete code deployment and compilation, package signatures and output UPK packages in one stop, and integrates AI rapid development capabilities to support the rapid generation of cards by importing Figma designs or pictures to help developers save more time and costs.

In terms of access technology, OPPO provides a variety of ways for developers to choose from. On the one hand, developers can independently develop cards based on their own products, and services can jump to APP, Express Apps, Mini Program and other landing pages; on the other hand, developers can develop ubiquitous service cards without App hosting through developer IDE or service building platform. Ubiquitous service cards currently take at least three days from development to end-to-end shelves, and the audit process is transparent and efficient. At present, the number of cards online has reached 300 +.

Improve developer service support and release Pantanal system developer manual

In addition to the above development kit, OPPO also provides comprehensive developer service support. OPPO open context awareness, 10 + geographical fences, 100 + user portraits, 200 + user situations to achieve more accurate insight into user needs. The ColorOS scenario is fully open, supporting the distribution of developers' application services to more than 40 distribution sites, with a daily exposure of 2 billion +, reaching a wide range of users. Online and offline industry exchanges and expert guidance to help developers actively identify and solve problems in all aspects of development, operation and distribution. In addition, OPPO has released the Pantanal system developer's Manual, which provides clear documentation guidance for developers to quickly create ubiquitous services.

In 2024, OPPO Gravitation Program will invest 2 billion resources to support the high-quality development of service ecological developers, including but not limited to traffic, hardware, commerce, marketing and other forms, to work with developers to build an open ecology. The deep openness of Pantanal's system capabilities will also bring unlimited possibilities for exploring a human-centric, naturally coherent and intelligent user experience.

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