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GAC GROUP released the ERA hydrogen-electric concept car, which will be loaded with all-solid-state batteries in 2026.

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Shulou( Report--, November 17, at today's 2023 21st Guangzhou International Auto Show, GAC GROUP reviewed the achievements made in deepening the implementation of the NEXT plan this year in terms of its own brand, energy ecology and internationalization, and announced that it would be loaded with all-solid-state batteries in 2026.

▲ GAC MOTOR E8 (left), concept car ERA (right) in addition, GAC GROUP launched Guangzhou Auto ERA's flagship hydrogen electric concept car at the auto show, and its five vehicle brands GAC MOTOR, Eian, Haopin, Guangzhou Automobile Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota were also unveiled at the same time.

GAC GROUP said that GAC Ean launched the two-brand layout of Eian and Haopin, and its annual production and sales will exceed 500000 vehicles. Since June this year, GAC Ean has made a continuous monthly profit. noted that GAC MOTOR launched PHEV, launching E9, ES9 and E8 new energy products one after another this year. From January to October, GAC MOTOR sold more than 330000 vehicles, an increase of 11.8 percent over the same period last year, and his profitability was further improved. GAC's independent brand goal is to "sprint millions of sales and achieve overall profits".

In terms of recharging and replenishing energy services, so far, GAC GROUP has built nearly 1,000 charging stations in more than 150 cities across the country, achieving full coverage of first-and second-tier cities and four major economic circles. In addition, the first factory of Yinpai battery with an investment of 10.9 billion yuan 36GWh will be mass produced by the end of this month.

At the end of this month, the first factory under ▲ GAC will mass produce GAC GROUP to list solid-state batteries, cobalt-free batteries, low-cobalt batteries and sodium ion batteries as key technologies. Among them, the solid-state battery has made a breakthrough, claiming that when the energy density of the cell reaches 400Wh / Kg, it can meet the safety and reliability requirements of the battery in the extreme environment, and it is planned to be loaded in 2026.

The GAC ERA Zhijing flagship hydrogen electric concept car unveiled at this auto show is based on GAC's newly developed multi-energy platform architecture, equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and front and rear axle distributed motors to achieve 540 horsepower, 800km + long range, zero emission characteristics.

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