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Lenovo naked eye 3D display ThinkVision 27 3D on sale: 19999 yuan

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According to on November 17, the ThinkVision27 3D display released by Lenovo in September is now on sale in for 19999 yuan.

The parameters of IT House's Lenovo ThinkVision27 3D display are as follows:

The display uses a 27-inch IPS panel, a 2D resolution of 4K, a 3D resolution of 1080p, a DCI-P3 gamut of 99% DCI-P3, a 60Hz refresh rate, and interfaces including HDMI 2.1,1.4, USB-C and RJ45 ports.

Officials say it is a groundbreaking 27-inch screen that provides 2D / 3D compatibility with the naked eye, real-time eye tracking and seamless 3D effects designed for more immersive creation, connectivity and collaboration. As more and more work and personal lives enter the digital field, the powerful combination of display, computing and manufacturing technologies pushes the 3D ecosystem into an exciting new phase. Content creators and professionals increasingly need more realistic remote collaboration and simplified 3D content creation processes, from 3D graphic design and 3D games to 3D video.

The launch of ThinkVision27 3D display can improve the efficiency of many industries. For example, in the medical field, 3D monitors can provide a clear three-dimensional view to help doctors, especially during surgery. It also opens up the possibility of remote surgery. Lenovo ThinkVision 273D / 27-inch naked eye 3D display 19999 yuan direct link

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