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The second season of "A Cuisine of the Millennium" officially ended, and the search for freshness in Hisense vacuum refrigerator came to a successful conclusion.

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Reproduce the thousand-year-old delicacies and taste the best in the world. On November 10, the second season of the CCTV large-scale food culture exploration program "A Cuisine Millennium", which was settled by Hisense vacuum refrigerator, officially completed the 12-phase journey of searching for fresh food, and the "next meal Variety", which accompanied the audience for more than two months, won a good reputation and a good harvest. At the same time, Hisense resplendent vacuum refrigerator 503 also attracted the attention of a large number of viewers by virtue of the 60CM flat and fully embedded appearance, intelligent vacuum technology, and the food topics related to the program detonated on the Internet, setting off a variety culture feast of "literature and tourism + food".

Food is the most important thing for the people, and the 12-year-old journey of looking for fresh food is guided by delicious food, which reveals the unique scenery and humanities in the vast land of China, and uses wisdom and technology to help bring historical delicacies back to the table. Since the broadcast of the program, Hisense vacuum refrigerator, as a partner, has followed the program on a nationwide fresh-seeking trip, from the coast of the Bohai Sea in the east to the ancient country of Qiuci in the west, using vacuum fresh-keeping technology to rediscover the delicious taste of Meishi.

In order to feel the charm of vacuum preservation technology, many hosts in the program personally experience the one-button vacuum function of Hisense resplendent vacuum refrigerator 503, put the food into a vacuum bag or vacuum box, and touch the button on the refrigerator door to complete the vacuum. Vacuum treatment can provide an excellent storage environment for food materials, perfectly locking the taste and nutrition of food materials.

Also shining in the program is the 60CM flat full embedded design of Hisense resplendent vacuum refrigerator 503, with no seams on the three sides and no protruding on the front, the refrigerator is completely hidden into the cabinet, showing integrated household aesthetics, and its beautiful appearance is strongly "Amway" of the host.

Hisense refrigerator, as a partner of "one Cuisine for Millennium", has joined hands with the program for two consecutive seasons to complete the important task of transmitting food culture, and continues to upgrade iterative intelligent technology to bring users a higher quality fresh storage experience. From the creation of vacuum fresh-keeping technology in 2020 to the upgrade from vacuum 1.0 to vacuum 3.0 in the following years, Hisense vacuum refrigerator fully distributes the vacuum series products of "full form" and "full scene", so that the new scheme of healthy storage can benefit more users. let the quality of fresh life into the homes of more people.

Delicacies span thousands of years, follow the footsteps of Hisense vacuum refrigerator, look back at history, feel the breadth and depth of traditional culture, refresh national cultural identity and pride. This season "a meal of the millennium" has been successfully concluded, Hisense vacuum refrigerator in the search for fresh once again demonstrated the sense of responsibility of the times for state-owned brands to carry forward national traditional culture. In the future development, Hisense vacuum refrigerator will continue to focus on consumer demand, continue to upgrade the fresh storage program, provide more families with more intelligent and healthy, higher quality experience, and protect the quality of life of hundreds of millions of families.

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