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Want to feel a more creative mobile experience? Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 unlocks for you.

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Vertical folding screen mobile phone is a popular model at present, because of its flexible form, it not only has the portability beyond the straight mobile phone, but also brings a more immersive interactive experience for users. From the perspective of market share, Samsung, which is the first to enter the folding screen track, has firmly occupied the first position in the global market with the Galaxy Z Flip5 series. The fifth-generation flagship Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, released in the second half of this year, has brought about a subversive upgrade in software and hardware, not only more lightweight and reliable, but also equipped with many cool techs and innovative features, opening up a new understanding of the folding screen experience.

The palm folding design is extremely lightweight, efficient and durable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 uses a series of classic palm folding designs, weighing 187g and folding in a state the size of a powder box. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 uses a new generation of super-closed Seiko hinges, which reduce the thickness again and make the whole machine more integrated in the opening and closing process, enabling seamless closure. When held in hand, not only the fuselage streamline is natural and smooth, but also makes the hand feel as round as jade, surpassing the previous vertical folding screen mobile phone.

More importantly, the super-closed Seiko hinge is matched with the UTG inner screen to ensure the lightness and durability at the same time. In the Samsung Terminal Lab test, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 maintained extremely high hinge and screen strength after 700000 times of opening and closing. In addition, the outer screen and backplane are covered with Corning ®Gorilla ®Glass Victus ®2 glass, and the middle frame and hinge cover of the fuselage are made of armored aluminum, making it the best in fall resistance and scratch resistance, making it extremely thin, efficient and durable.

Interactive logic depth mining has creative and smart experience.

As we all know, due to the advantages of product form, vertical folding screen has an interesting interactive experience from different folding angles. This time the outer screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 has been upgraded to 3.4in, providing richer features and better handling. In the folded state, we can now easily view more complete information and notifications through this large-field intelligent external screen, and carry out a variety of touch operations to achieve a more convenient and efficient mobile phone experience. For example, when you receive a message from a friend, you can read the message through the outer screen without expanding your phone, or you can directly use full keyboard input to reply to the message. The outer screen also supports switching and viewing different widgets, including weather and schedule, as well as alarm clocks, timers, etc., as well as third-party applications such as Wechat and Douyin.

When the screen expands to a certain angle, the system automatically enters the vertical interaction mode. Without relying on external forces, the mobile phone can be easily placed on the desktop, platform, bedside and other positions. In this mode, the program will also automatically adapt to the split screen, the upper half of the screen displays the frame, video playback and other main contents, while the lower half of the screen is used as an operation bar, allowing users to liberate their hands and more freely to take selfies, watch dramas, video calls and other operations, bringing a more convenient and flexible human-computer interaction experience.

Spread out gracefully in any corner and easily realize vertical free shooting.

Through unique interaction, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is able to achieve hands-free vertical free shooting during image shooting, unlocking more possibilities for creating creative works. In the face of the beautiful scenery of blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters, as long as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is folded to the right angle without selfie stick, bracket or other people's help, you can easily put the phone in any plane position, through the preview function of the intelligent outer screen with large field of view, plus remote gestures to control the shutter, you can complete the selfie and capture from the creative angle.

When taking pictures of friends, we can also enable the double preview function of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, so that the other party can see their own shooting effect in the picture on the outer screen, thus completing the ideal shooting efficiently. When recording videos, you can also hold the phone horizontally like DV. With super anti-shake performance, you can easily handle stable and smooth videos, which is very practical for users who love to create travel Vlog.

It can be seen that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is not only a simple product iterative update, but also realizes the upgrade of all dimensions. With Samsung's accumulation of technology in the field of folding screen, and the ultimate pursuit of product quality, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is not only attractive to users who like folding screen phones, but also the first choice for consumers who have experienced aesthetic fatigue and novel experiences on straight phones.

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