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Yu Chengdong of Huawei: in terms of design, Avita 12 is a "handsome man" and Wisdom S7 is a "beauty".

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According to news on November 17, during the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Show, which opened today, Huawei Yu Chengdong appeared at the Hongmeng Zhihang booth and was interviewed by a number of live media.

According to the car Emperor, when Yu Chengdong was asked "who do Avita 12 and Wisdom S7 value more?" Yu Chengdong replied: "the design of Avita 12 is very cool, just like handsome men; the design of Wisdom S7 is softer, like beauty, to meet the needs of different people."

Yu Chengdong further explained that because Wisdom S7 was designed later and adopted more and newer technologies of Huawei, both products are good for Huawei.

In addition, Yu Chengdong also explained that the center console, a controversial design of the Zhijie S7, was transformed into an "office desk", saying that the airbag was located in the area above the "driving area" of the center console, and that the airbag would explode above. Users are also advised to use the storage function of the center console while parking.

Comprehensive previously reported that the pre-sale price of Huawei Smart S7, the first car, has exceeded 10,000, with a pre-sale price of 258000 yuan. As for Avita 12, the cumulative number of cars has exceeded 11128 within 72 hours of listing. Officials say the average order price for new cars is more than 350000 yuan. Users come from 28 provinces and 62 cities, most of which are Shanghai / Hangzhou / Chengdu; 52% of orders come from post-90s car owners.

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