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"Baird Gate 3" Mini Patch 15 launched: fix some characters' bug such as nose lengthening, eyeballs disappearing, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, December 23 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- @ Larian Studios has announced that Mini Patch 15 of Baird Gate 3 has been launched, dealing with some crashes, serious errors and gameplay problems, as well as a problem that players cannot load game archives due to mod changes.

According to the official warning, depending on the specific circumstances of the changed mod, some game archives may still not be loaded, "but now the menu should allow you to continue to operate." In addition, Steam computer version and PS5 (Japanese area) Japanese version of the game has also been launched. summarizes the update and fix as follows:

Crashes and serious problems fixed possible crashes in auto-save when moving to another level.

Fixed a possible crash of the client's multiplayer game when the host loaded a game archive after the Game end screen.

Fixed a crash caused by deleted physical objects.

Fixed a crash when a player disarmed a NPC twice in battle, dropped two different weapons (for example, because they were in a dual holding state) and fell into a state of disability, and then ended the battle without killing the opponent, and then the disability was removed.

Fixed an issue where the game archive that started with the now missing mod could not be loaded.

Fixed a crash caused by loss of network connection when editing the name of the game hall on Xbox.

Fixed a possible crash when checking whether the game is a deluxe version on Xbox. .

Fixed possible crash when switching to honor mode. .

Fixed a possible crash when changing the level.

Performance and code fixed possible performance problems at the end of the animation where Shadow Heart kills the Song of the Night in the fallen Underworld.

Fixed a problem with magma bubbles near the Avenging Furnace perception amulet that caused the game archive to become particularly large. .

Fixed a memory problem caused by closing the container on the controller.

Fixed an issue where low model quality sometimes did not work as expected.

Fixed an issue that caused certain special items, such as the idol of Sivanus, to go into error when placed in a suitcase.

Reduces memory footprint associated with animated skinning.

Multiplayer fixed an issue where suitcases occasionally disappear when switching honor mode in multiplayer settings.

Fixed an issue where the host controls a companion in a multiplayer game and a split-screen client joins the game, the client will gain control of the host role.

Fixed an issue where reconnected players could not be correctly assigned back to the corresponding characters in multiplayer games.

Fixed an issue where player 2 could not prepare spells when player 1 moved focus in a split-screen game.

Flow and gameplay fixed an issue that prevented players from talking to NPC when they returned to camp through the "long break" button.

Fixed some incorrect role behaviors that may have been introduced by the 4th official patch.

Now the quest "deal with the Devil" will show different results at the end of the game.

Now her scene in Avenas will appear regardless of whether Karek is a master character or a companion of the player.

Fixed an issue where companions who followed the player's character could not jump.

Fixed an issue where the end of the game tutorial could not be archived in the first chapter when only Leezer survived.

Fixed an issue where the conversation suddenly broke off when the player asked Gail what he wanted to show.

Fixed an issue where members of the player's faction occasionally became hostile under the wrong circumstances.

Fixed a problem that "water making / low water" in the second ring can only perform "water making".

Other fixed Mac versions are now updated with Korean support.

Fixed the materials of some weapons.

Fixed some issues we call "Pinocchio"-the character's nose (and cheeks) elongate in the animation. They occasionally lose their eyeballs, turning their sockets directly into two big meat pits.

Fixed an issue where the rig prompt box was opened through the item bar on the controller and occasionally closed randomly without input from the player.

As previously reported by, Boulder Gate 3 won many awards at TGA 2023, including Game of the year, RPG Game, multiplayer Game, Voice of players vote, and Game Community support of the year. At the same time, Neil Newbon won the "performance of the year" award for his role as Astrom in the film.

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