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GAC GROUP deepens cooperation with Ningde era to jointly develop Shenxing super-charging battery "low temperature version" and "longevity version"

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 17, 2023 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition officially opened today. During the exhibition, GAC GROUP and Ningde Times announced that they would deepen cooperation in new technology research and development, Shenxing overcharge battery supply, business model exploration, market collaborative development and so on.

▲ official account screenshot in response to the current anxiety of new energy vehicle consumers in low-temperature charging and battery life, the two sides will jointly develop Shenxing super-charging battery "low-temperature version" and "long-life version". Among them, Shenxing "longevity version" will be able to support 8 years or 800000 km ultra-long cell warranty, is expected to be officially launched in June next year.

According to reports, at present, GAC Ean, which is equipped with Ningde era batteries, has shipped more than 260000 sets. At the end of 2022, GAC GROUP released the 1578 outline of GAC, which is committed to creating new growth points of hundreds of billions of industries in energy technology and energy ecology, and released the "NEXT" plan in April this year to accelerate the comprehensive new energy transformation of its own brands.

According to previous reports, GAC GROUP announced at this exhibition that solid-state batteries, cobalt-free batteries, low-cobalt batteries and sodium ion batteries will be listed as key technologies. Among them, the solid-state battery has made a breakthrough, claiming that when the energy density of the cell reaches 400Wh / Kg, it can meet the safety and reliability requirements of the battery in the extreme environment, and it is planned to be loaded in 2026.

In addition, GAC GROUP launched Guangzhou Auto ERA's flagship hydrogen electric concept car at the auto show, and its five vehicle brands GAC MOTOR, Eian, Haopin, Guangzhou Automobile Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota were also unveiled at the same time.

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