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Apple CEO Cook rarely reviews his personal life: delivering newspapers in the middle of the night and flipping hamburgers part-time to save money for college

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 18, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in a rare podcast, chatting with singer Dua Lipa for 45 minutes.

In this podcast, Cook talks about his personal life, his career at Apple, philanthropy, the environment and so on.

Photo Source: video screenshot Cook is relatively low-key, and the public knows little about his personal life. Lipa also pointed out in the podcast that Cook is much more low-key than the leaders of other technology companies.

Cook reviewed his personal development in the podcast, saying that he came from an ordinary family and longed for a good job. The subtitles of in this embedded machine are as follows:

He said that when he was a teenager, he delivered newspapers in the middle of the night and flipped hamburgers part-time to save money for college.

After graduating from Auburn University, he worked at IBM for 12 years and joined Apple in 1998.

Speaking of Steve Jobs, Cook said that "Steve is original" and that only he can create Apple. "if Steve were alive, he would still be the CEO of the company," the executive said.

Tim Cook, the only gay CEO on the Fortune 500 list, came out to the world as gay in 2014, admitting that it helped Apple break the glass ceiling.

In an interview, Dua Lipa asked Cook about the overuse of smartphones, especially among young people. The executive agrees that some people need to use smartphones more appropriately, which is why Apple created the screen time feature. "the most exciting moment for me is how many notifications I get in a day," he said.

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