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Steam autumn sale starts from November 21 to 28, with a new award for "Best Steam Deck Game"

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Shulou( Report-- November 18 news, V news agency announced that Steam autumn sale will be November 21 - 28 (PT / UTC-8), when there will be tens of thousands of games discounted.

In the Steam Fall Sale, players can nominate their favorite games of the past year, with 11 Steam Awards (including an updated Steam Deck for handheld games):

game of the year

Best VR Game of the Year

Love is paid.

Best Steam Deck Games (New)

It's better to have fun together than alone.

The most creative gameplay

Outstanding story game

Love even when you're disabled (no offense)

Outstanding visual style

Best Original Soundtrack


Once the sale begins, players can nominate a game for each award by visiting the Steam Awards Nominations page via the Steam homepage or via developer posted campaigns. Participation in the jackpot for a particular game can be found on the details page of that game in the library. notes that players can earn badges by participating in Steam Jackpots, and complete all quests to earn 100 Profile XP:

Nominate at least one game;

Nominate one game for each award;

Play a game you nominated;

Write or update a review for a game you nominated.

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