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Following CEO and the president, it is reported that three more senior OpenAI researchers have announced their resignation

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Thank netizens Rimi Ishihara for the delivery of the clue to happiness! November 18 news, according to foreign media "The Information" Beijing time this afternoon reported that three senior OpenAI researchers resigned.

The news was leaked to the The Information by several people familiar with the matter. According to reports, the three senior researchers were affected by the dismissal of OpenAI's former CEO Sam Altman and the sudden resignation of president Greg Brockmann.

The three senior researchers include Yakubu Pachaochi (Jakub Pachocki), the company's head of research, Aleksander Madry (Aleksander Madry), the team leader who assesses the potential risks of AI, and Szymon Sidor, a researcher who has been working for seven years.

The report said that after Altman left, some employees were very disappointed with the future development of OpenAI, and the departure of these employees highlighted the long-standing differences in the company's AI security practices.

According to, Altman praised Yakubu Pachaoki on his Twitter in March this year:

There is no doubt that GPT-4 is the result of the cooperation of our entire company team. But Yakubu Pachaochi's overall leadership in pre-training and his insights in the technical field are equally admirable.

But for him, we would not have achieved so much.

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