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How did the leader in the field of overcharged batteries become? Reveal the killer mace of Juwan technical research!

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Shulou( Report--

On November 17, the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition with the theme of "New Technology and New Life" opened grandly at the Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair pavilion. At this auto show, Guangzhou Juwan Technical Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Juwan Technical Research") made a shocking appearance with a variety of core products, such as 5-15-minute ultra-fast / very fast charging core, Juwan Phoenix battery and so on.

Lead the development of ultra-fast charging technology and help the integration and development of "vehicle energy road cloud"

In June this year, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed to build an industrial ecology for the integrated development of "vehicle energy road cloud", which pointed out the direction for the development of related industries in the future.

"vehicle energy road cloud" refers to the combination of the development of "car road cloud" with the transformation of energy structure to further build a highly intelligent, highly networked and highly information-based ecology based on the upgrading of energy system. The addition of energy shows that the state attaches great importance to "energy", especially in the field of energy storage, will become a breakthrough in the future development of new energy vehicles, make vehicles become an integral part of energy, and bring a broader space for the development of the industry.

At present, power battery has become the competitive highland of the global automotive industry, and its technological progress plays a key role in the development of new energy vehicles. With the growth of new energy vehicles into the fast lane, energy replenishment anxiety is replacing battery life anxiety to become the biggest difficulty for the further rise of new energy vehicle permeability. in the market, there is an urgent need for ultra-fast charging or ultra-fast charging technology to solve the pain point that users are "difficult to charge and slow to charge".

As the first private enterprise of mixed ownership technology incubated by GAC GROUP, at the beginning of its establishment, Juwan Technical Research took "making charging as fast as refueling" as its mission, focusing on the research, development, production, sales and service of super fast charging batteries and new generation breakthrough energy accumulators and their systems, and committed to continuously creating green and environmentally friendly high-tech products, services and values for people's better life, and continuously promoting the development of new energy industry. Under the industrial ecology of the integrated development of "car energy road cloud", Juwan technical research will usher in an unprecedented opportunity for development.

A number of core products have been unveiled to reveal the killer mace of Juwan technical research.

At this auto show, Juwan Technical Research and Research made its debut with a new 5-15-minute ultra-fast / extremely fast charging core and Juwan Phoenix battery.

Juwan Technology Research aims to break through and solve the lowest and most core technology in the industry. through the systematic research and development of cell material system and battery system, Juwan Technology Research independently developed ultra-fast / extremely fast charging battery with a maximum charging power of 480kW, with a maximum charging speed of 6 times that of existing ordinary batteries. It has been installed in the Eian model and has won the "fastest electric vehicle charging technology" issued by the World record Certification body (WRCA) with the result of "charging for 5 minutes and driving for 207km". It is the first to realize the commercial application of extremely charged battery in the world.

The Juwan Phoenix battery independently developed by Juwan Technical Research, which was released in June this year, will improve the technical level of power batteries and systems to a new stage. This battery integrates the three technical highlights of high-efficiency thermal management, multi-in-one magazine structure and bus voltage up-and-down switch matrix, which can greatly improve the safety and charging speed of power batteries. It not only charges quickly, but also does not pick the weather, and can work with all-weather high performance in both winter and summer; without picking a car, it can charge very fast, regardless of the 400 volt conventional voltage platform or the 800V high voltage platform.

Through three major technological innovations, Juwan Phoenix battery has realized the overall improvement of ultra-fast charging, ultra-long battery life, ultra-high safety, long life and lower maintenance costs under all-weather conditions. it will effectively solve the problems of new energy electric vehicles with different performance in winter and summer, travel "difficult to charge, slow charging" and accelerate the overall popularization of electric vehicles. The Juwan Phoenix battery will be mass produced in the ultra-fast rechargeable battery factory of Juwan Technical Research Nansha headquarters base next year, and is expected to be loaded and equipped by the end of next year.

Ultra-fast charging battery factory creates a new benchmark for high-end production capacity

At present, Juwan Technology Research has realized the development, mass production and vehicle carrying applications of a variety of ultra-fast / very fast rechargeable battery products, becoming a leader in the field of ultra-fast / ultra-fast rechargeable batteries and becoming a global unicorn enterprise.

In order to promote the large-scale production of ultra-fast charge (10-15 minutes) and even very fast charge (5-10 minutes, XFC) power batteries, Juwan Technical Research actively promoted capacity construction, and the first phase of the new headquarters and production base in Nansha District was completed and put into production at the end of October. After the full completion of the plant, the total production capacity will be 8GWh / year, and the first phase capacity will reach 4Gwh / year.

As the first professional factory of ultra-fast charging battery in the world, the base has the leading manufacturing level and technical capability, and ensures the product quality of power battery through the five bright spots of "specialty, precision, special, new and strict".

The world's first professional factory for ultra-fast charging batteries has been completed and put into production, further consolidating Juwan Technology Research's position as a leader in extremely fast charging (XFC) technology.

Juwan Technical Research builds a New Ecology for the charging of New Energy vehicles

According to the development trend of new energy vehicles and the forecast of market sales, the automobile industry has fully entered the 3.0 era with intelligent electric vehicles as the mainstream, and the new energy industry is moving towards a higher era of "electric + intelligent + ecological" at full speed. The full popularity of ultra-fast charging / ultra-fast rechargeable batteries requires the construction of supplementary energy network first.

In June this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the guidance on the further Construction of High-quality charging Infrastructure system, which requires that it should follow the basic principles of scientific layout, moderate advance, innovation and integration, safety and convenience, build a high-quality charging infrastructure system. While the country has issued relevant policies to support the construction of overcharging stations, enterprises have also made frequent efforts to lay out the construction of overcharging stations.

Juwan Technical Research as an industry leader, join hands with industry partners to actively participate in the construction of overcharging stations to build a new ecology of new energy vehicle charging. In Guangzhou, Juwan Technical Research, with the support of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, has jointly laid nearly 200 overcharging stations in Guangzhou with industry partners, of which 113 have been put into use. And at the beginning of this year, Juwan Technology and Research, together with Hainan Power Investment, Hainan Stock Exchange, Hainan Power Grid and other enterprises, jointly launched the Hainan "overcharging Island" construction plan. it is estimated that more than 400 overcharging stations will be built in Hainan by 2025 to achieve comprehensive coverage of highway service areas and villages and towns. At present, the national fast charging ecology has begun to take shape, effectively covering the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan, Chongqing and other places.

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