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Kunyi Software releases secure and reliable embedded Real-time operating system Kunyi KunwayOS

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Shulou( Report--

On November 18, 2023, Kunyi Software officially released a secure and reliable embedded real-time operating system KunwayOS.

Kunyi KunwayOS is a high-end embedded real-time operating system independently developed by Kunyi Software based on the micro-kernel architecture, with 100% original source code, independent construction of the underlying architecture from 0 to 1, design ideas-ecological construction-comprehensive product performance alignment of the international top micro-kernel operating system, supporting domestic and foreign mainstream chips, and has obtained the international highest-level functional security certification. Kunyi KunwayOS has the characteristics of high security, high reliability and high expansibility, and can be widely used in every industry that pays attention to safety and efficiency to meet the needs of multi-scenarios in different fields.

Kunyi KunwayOS has strong features, excellent performance in system scheduling, and industry-leading performance, with the following five bright spots:

High stability:

The system adopts the refined and simplified design concept of kernel space operation module, which can run continuously and stably according to the user-defined application logic and design ideas, and ensure the stability and security of the kernel to the maximum extent. In the case of abnormal application, it can be recovered effectively and form effective isolation in the application layer.

High real-time performance:

For some key tasks of the design, the user can make the system ensure that the key tasks can be dealt with in time, so as to meet the real-time system requirements. Real-time performance is reflected in the efficiency and effectiveness of task switching, which can ensure that critical tasks can recover and run quickly. For multi-task systems, real-time performance is also reflected in the efficiency and accuracy of multi-task communication.

High scalability

According to the follow-up task requirements, it is convenient to expand the software module and hardware module of the system, there is no need to rebuild a system, and support the system to achieve online upgrade.

High ease of use

Through the tools of the system, we can debug or track events in the application layer and the kernel layer of the system, and effectively view the changes of the execution state during the operation of the system. Provide an effective and general system call interface and user commands.

Peripheral component performance

In order to meet different application scenarios and requirements, the system provides unified service components, which can be customized. For example, it is customized in terms of file systems, network protocols, drivers, and so on, to adapt to specific hardware devices or to implement special functions.

In terms of functions, Kunyi KunwayOS implements process and thread management, memory management, inter-process communication (IPC), thread scheduling, interrupt processing, system clock and timer management, system synchronization, system signals and other functions in the kernel. Support standard POSIX specification interface call, adapt to ARM, X86 and other hardware environment, facilitate system migration.

Shanghai Kunyi Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on basic software, committed to the development of international leading high-end embedded operating system and intelligent vehicle generalized operating system.

As the soul of the new generation of information technology, software is the key support for the construction of manufacturing power, network power and digital China. Kun Yi Software will continue to build an innovative product ecology with technology as the core, based on market demand, accelerate optimization and upgrading, expand the scope of high-quality services, and continue to empower industry users.

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