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Hyundai Sonata of the 11th generation and Shengda of the 5th generation make their domestic debut with a new design style.

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Shulou( Report--, November 19, according to Beijing Hyundai officials, the 11th generation Sonata and the fifth generation Shengda made their debut in China during the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Show.

According to reports, the 11th generation Sonata uses the global ONE MODEL unified design, the shape is inspired by the "Star Battleship". inquiry found that the car has completed the declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this month, its length, width and height are 4945/1860/1445mm, wheelbase 2875mm.

The interior of the car is equipped with double 12.3-inch panoramic curved screen and rotary electronic pocket block, and the configuration will be intelligent. According to officials, the car is equipped with the new Hyundai Smartsense "Smart Heart and one" safety system, provides up to 27 driving assistance functions, supports OTA upgrade, fingerprint identification, identification, seat memory and other functions, and launches digital keys in the Chinese market.

In terms of power, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the car will be equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, maximum power 125kW and top speed 210km. It is not clear whether a hybrid model will be launched.

The fifth generation Shengda uses a square box shape, and the front face is equipped with a large area air intake grille, a penetrating LED light belt and an H-shaped daylight representing the modern brand. The interior of the car also adopts the design concept of "box" shape, equipped with a high-open rear door, which claims to be like a "mobile terrace". It can also be seen from the details that the car will be equipped with a considerable number of Type-C interfaces and provide two wireless charging platforms for mobile phones.

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