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Tesla's Cybertruck endurance ability was questioned, and the prototype car suggested that it was less than 300mph.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) Tesla Cybertruck's range has been called into question, with a prototype showing a range of only 267 miles ( Note: about 430km).

Earlier this week, a video of Tesla's prototype Cybertruck was released, which included a clear display of the interior of the electric pickup truck.

It is worth mentioning that the mileage of the Cybertruck can be roughly inferred from the video. The central control screen shows that there are still 16 miles left on the current journey, and when the vehicle arrives at its destination, the electricity of the vehicle is expected to drop from 71% to 65%.

Although Tesla uses a percentage of the battery rather than the remaining mileage, a fairly accurate mileage can still be obtained through some simple mathematical calculations. For every 1% of electricity used, the Cybertruck can travel about 2.67 miles. Multiplied by 100, the total mileage is about 267 miles.

Of course, this is not EPA mileage. It is the display mileage calculated from the navigation system, which takes into account many factors, such as wind speed, altitude, traffic and so on.

The EPA's mileage should be longer, but some bookers are also worried. Tesla previously revealed that the Cybertruck dual-motor version has a range of more than 300m.

Cybertruck electric pickup trucks will be delivered on November 30, when the first 10 cars will be delivered.

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