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China Eastern Airlines launched the aircraft "Air Wi-Fi multiple Card": unlimited number of use, annual card 286 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 20 news, China Eastern Airlines announced the sale of "air Wi-Fi multiple cards," purchasers within the validity period can use China Eastern Airlines air Wi-Fi Internet service unlimited times.

At present, the service has been launched in the official Mini programs of China Eastern Airlines. inquires that the card can be selected at four prices:

Domestic version of semi-annual card 186 yuan (180 days)

Domestic one-year card 286 yuan (365 days)

Domestic/International Semi-annual Card 368 yuan (180 days)

Domestic/international one-year card 586 yuan (365 days)

Multiple cards need to be bound with the identity information of the passenger after purchase. After successful matching of air identity authentication, Wi-Fi in the air can be automatically used. Each card is limited to one user (i.e. passenger, up to 4 ID numbers), and the ID information cannot be changed after binding.

Multiple cards are applicable to all wide-body flights (including Airbus 330 and Airbus 350 series, Boeing 777 and 787 series) actually carried by China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, and flights with Wi-Fi logo in the air can also be searched through the flight list of China Eastern Airlines App. Domestic multiple cards are applicable to wide-body aircraft routes in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Domestic/international multiple cards are available on all widebody routes.

Refunds are not supported after multiple cards are successfully activated (actual air Internet traffic is generated).

According to introduction, this service by China Telecom to provide technical support, China Telecom satellite company and air-ground interconnection company this summer to support China Eastern Airlines air Wi-Fi first breakthrough below 3000 meters height use limit, Realize "From take-off to landing""Full online."

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