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OPPO share portable battery membership rights and interests have covered 100 + cities, up to 300 minutes per week free charge

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Shulou( Report--, November 20, OPPO last month launched super flash charging membership rights (sharing portable battery), OPPO members can enjoy up to 300 minutes of free recharging time per week, users in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Xi'an can participate. Now, OPPO has announced that it will expand the scope of the city.

OPPO announced today that Super Flash membership has covered 100 + cities, including provincial capitals across the country. Click the link to view nearby stores.

According to reports, the official shared portable battery capacity 8000mAh supports 33W super flash charging. The activity cycle is from August 20 to December 31. The free charging time is divided into four gears (depending on the membership level). The free hours of the current week will be cleared at 23:59:59 on the last day of the natural week (every Sunday).

Drill card: 5 hours / week

Gold card: 3 hours / week

Silver card: 2 hours / week

Puka: 1 hour / week

Users can receive their rights at the OPPO member WeChat Mini Programs > SUPERVOOC charging station, click "pick up record" to view the receiving and use records of portable battery's rights and interests shared by mobile flash charging, and you can also view the remaining free hours on "SUPERVOOC sharing portable battery" Mini Program. is attached to the use process:

Receive rights and benefits > go to "SUPERVOOC sharing portable battery" WeChat Mini Programs to rent portable battery > enjoy the corresponding lease reduction when returning.

Use "SUPERVOOC sharing portable battery" WeChat Mini Programs to rent portable battery > get benefits > borrow treasure successfully > enjoy the corresponding lease reduction when returning.

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