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Shizhong Shiyuan, RemoteCall remote support software holds gift activities.

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Shizhong Shiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a professional remote technology enterprise, announced on the 15th of this month that the remote support software RemoteCall will hold a giveaway event for purchasing customers.

In order to improve the operation of enterprise business infrastructure and the quality of customer service, Shizhong Visual far gives exquisite gifts to enterprise customers who buy RemoteCall remote support software. During the event from December 15 to January 15, gifts such as AirPods,Beats Bluetooth headsets, Huawei Glory watches, Yijia watches and Logitech high-end keyboards will be given depending on the number of ID purchased.

RemoteCall is a remote support software for technicians to remotely share the screens of customers' computers or mobile devices and solve problems for customers by remote control if necessary. It supports a variety of operating systems and devices across platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, open source operating systems, Android and iOS, covering a variety of devices from servers to smartphones.

RemoteCall provides a variety of remote support product lines, such as server and computer remote support, mobile device remote support and video remote support, which can be used for customer support services such as call center and after-sales operation and maintenance. At the same time, it can also be widely used in internal employee technical support, remote assistance of public institutions to citizens' online business, factory construction site and other scenarios.

RemoteCall provides customer service programs and web version remote support, in which the web version does not need to install the program, and can quickly connect remotely with a browser. Enterprises can choose and apply flexibly according to the use scenario and purpose, which is very convenient and efficient.

RemoteCall remote support software is widely used in after-sales customer remote services of the top five mobile phone manufacturers in China, as well as major banks and telecom operators in Japan and South Korea, including Standard Chartered, Youli Bank and NTT docomo, with customers all over the world.

RemoteCall, which provides multi-faceted remote support, is a necessary enterprise-level software to improve technical support efficiency and customer satisfaction. Through this gift activity, Shizhong Shiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to help enterprises seeking to reduce costs and increase efficiency through RemoteCall remote support software, and at the same time contribute to the improvement of customer service quality and brand value.

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