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Changhong will launch the world's first star flash TV and release Yunfan, an AI platform for smart home appliances based on large models.

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Shulou( Report-- November 20 news, Changhong wisdom AI platform press conference held this afternoon, the conference with "science and technology to serve a better life" as the theme, Changhong announced the application of generative artificial intelligence in the TV terminal, through Changhong independent research and development of AI technology, integration training a large number of professional models, to build "the world's first smart home appliances AI platform based on large models".

According to reports, Yunfan AI platform has five capabilities of multi-dimensional perception, multi-understanding, multi-task management, multi-mode interaction and content stimulation. At present, Changhong's 8K series, ARTIST star foil series and 288Hz super feathering series televisions have been equipped with cloud sails in the first batch.

For example, to issue instructions to the TV, instead of saying one instruction in the previous sentence, we can say multiple instructions in one sentence, and complete the instructions at one time through Yunfan's strong understanding and multitasking management. At the same time, Yunfan has opened up more service scenes, such as standing on the body fat scale, the TV can understand you through multi-dimensional perception technology, measure height, age, weight, BMI index and other key information, with a sphygmomanometer, heartbeat, blood pressure, including some health advice will be presented on the big screen in time. And these data will be stored locally, generate continuous health reports, and through content stimulation, recommend relevant health content and functions.

In addition, Changhong also released a TV with super connectivity-the world's first NearLink TV.

Compared with traditional technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Starflash has lower energy consumption, faster speed, smaller delay, more stable connection, wider coverage and stronger networking ability, Changhong said.

The Changhong Yunfan AI platform has been launched and will be applied to a series of industries and products. The official has not disclosed the exact release time of Starflash TV, and will follow up on the follow-up news.

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