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OpenAI in the storm: engineers have become popular, and Nvidia and other technology giants have stepped in.

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According to the news on the evening of November 20, Beijing time, the recent shock at the top of OpenAI has led to many employees' dissatisfaction and leaving one after another. Because of this, they have also become popular among the major technology giants.

On Saturday, Beijing time, OpenAI's board of directors suddenly announced the dismissal of the company CEO Sam Altman, which shocked the company's employees and the entire technology community. About an hour later, Greg Brockman, co-founder and president of OpenAI, announced his resignation.

Like the public, OpenAI employees were aware of the decision at the same time. Due to dissatisfaction with the company's removal of Altman, some employees began to resign one after another. Then there were reports that Altman might return, giving some employees a glimmer of hope. But when that hope was completely dashed, dozens of employees left.

OpenAI currently has more than 700 employees, most of whom have joined the company in the past year as the company's business has grown. Given OpenAI's position in the industry, these employees who left became instantly popular.

There are reports that many competitors, including Google and Nvidia, are starting to attract these AI talents. Among them, Nvidia AI scientist Linxi "Jim" Fan posted that all engineers from OpenAI are welcome and provided e-mail contact information.

"I am shocked by the continued development of the current situation," Fan said. "our team is recruiting and welcoming everyone from OpenAl. Nvidia offers you a warm GPU on such a winter night."

Fan added: "We are working on Al agents, games + AI, robotics, multimode LLM and so on. If you want to make excuses to play games like'my World'at work, you can come to us.

In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk immediately offered an olive branch after OpenAI announced the dismissal of Altman. He posted a "job application link" on social platform X with the article "in case someone needs it."

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