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Vivo WATCH 3 smartwatch goes on sale today: the first launch is Blue River system, starting at 1099 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 21, vivo WATCH 3 smartwatch was officially released on November 13, the first vivo watch with Blue River operating system.

According to the official vivo news, vivo WATCH 3 is officially on sale today, with an initial price of 1099 yuan, with four colors: moonlight white, dark night, Haoyue and Xinghui.

As previously reported by, in terms of design, the vivo WATCH 3 covers a 3D large curved glass mirror, is equipped with a stainless steel digital crown, the case is designed with innovative removable ears, and the replacement of the original strap will automatically prompt the matching dial.

In terms of system, vivo WATCH 3 watches are first launched with a self-developed "Blue River operating system", a new watch application store, joint development with major top applications, and third-party App such as Alipay and Baidu Maps can be downloaded and used.

The watch supports eSIM independent communication, so you can pick up messages and make phone calls by raising your hand. Deeply compatible with vivo atomic notifications, the watch can quickly view nine types of notification messages and officially claims to last up to 16 days.

In terms of physical fitness monitoring, vivo boasts deep cooperation with Zhejiang University to bring vivo WATCH 3 watches a 100 + movement mode, equipped with professional AI running coaches, and users can customize their own training programs.

The watch upgrade supports multichannel ring health monitoring. During sleep monitoring, WATCH 3 can bid farewell to the dazzling green light, support the undisturbed heart rate of invisible light, and support 8-channel heart rate and 16-channel oxygen monitoring.

In terms of performance, vivo WATCH 3 has a built-in purple light wearable chip W117. W117 supports 4G Netcom, which has been fully optimized in cellular call, cell handover and data service. In cooperation with MCU, vivo WATCH 3 has a more flexible design idea. vivo WATCH 31099 yuan direct link

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