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Enabled by default, the new Microsoft Android Canary Edge browser collects your access history for advertising

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 21, browser enthusiast @ Leopeva64 recently tweeted on the X (Twitter) platform, saying that a new option has been found in the latest Edge browser version of Android Canary Channel. Microsoft hopes to collect your Edge browsing history for advertising and other services.

In the latest Edge browser version of Android Canary Channel, open Settings-> Privacy and Security-> Personalization and Advertising path, you will see an option called "allow Microsoft to save your browsing activities".

The option is described as: "include history, usage, favorites, Web content, and other browsing data to personalize Microsoft Edge and Microsoft services such as advertising, search, shopping and news." Note: this option is enabled by default, and users can click to close it according to the above path, but for unfamiliar and uninformed users, the relevant browsing data has been collected by Microsoft.

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