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The game of "League of Legends" in 2024 season was announced: map adjustment, vanity new monster, mythological equipment removed.

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Shulou( Report-- November 21 news, "League of Legends" officially released 2024 season game introduction video, terrain, wild monsters and other comprehensive changes, many wild monsters have a "void form." learned from the video that Baron Longkeng welcomed several new residents: empty nesting worms. These void creatures will replace the first canyon vanguard in each game and disappear in the first 14 minutes for the canyon vanguard to enter. In 5 minutes, Longkeng will brush out three empty nest worms, the refresh time is 4 minutes, each will be refreshed independently, and a maximum of six will be brushed out in a game.

When attacked, each empty nest worm will release a swarm of void worms to attack the enemy. After killing the empty nest bug, the whole team will enjoy the "Hunger of Vanity" bonus, causing additional damage to the building. This bonus will be superimposed based on the number of empty nests you kill. If you can kill five or six empty nests, one or two empty worms will be summoned to attack the building and attack with you.

The Canyon Pioneer will still show up after crushing the Pioneer's eye, but users or their teammates can right-click on the Pioneer, jump on its back and control the advance of the Vanguard (similar to Thain's R).

If you ride a vanguard to hit the defense tower, the damage will be higher than that of an unmanned vanguard. If you ride a vanguard and run into an enemy hero, the enemy will be hurt and blown off. After hitting a terrain obstacle or defense tower, the hero on the vanguard's back will be shaken off and the vanguard will be restored to its original form.

Pale blue carved demons (blue buff), scarlet imprinted tree monsters (red buff), and canyon fast crabs are all affected by vanity. Baron Nash appears behind the canyon in 20 minutes, and the red / blue buff will turn into a void creature on its next refresh.

They become stronger, more difficult to kill, and provide a bonus to the killer's team after being killed (except for teammates who were killed at the time of the kill).

After the first 20 minutes, the canyon fast crab will be refreshed again after being killed, and it will also become a void fast crab. When the Vanity Quick Crab is killed, it releases a huge effect similar to a divination flower, revealing all enemy heroes and guards over a wide range. Like the divination flower, the health of the guard that appears in this way will be reduced to 1.

In line with the avant-garde visual upgrade, the Baron has also acquired a new coat made of pixel paint, and will have three new forms and skills:

The hunting baron does not change the Longkeng terrain, but will drop lightning from the sky to attack nearby enemies.

The baron will build a wall in front of the dragon pit and use his new claws to pull the hero to his side.

The omniscient Baron will completely close the front of the Dragon Pit and open both sides to form a passage. The void crack is opened during the attack, creating a sustained damage area in the new channel Dragon Pit.

Map changes:

Hit the road

The red side has been adjusted according to the topography of the blue side, so that the route of arresting people is closer, and it is more difficult to catch people separately.

A small wall and grass were added at the entrance of the river.


The biggest terrain adjustment is the new wall directly opposite the Baron and Longkeng.

Middle road

Push the grass back, and then move a person-catching route back to give more space in the middle.

Down the road

The first change is similar to the road, with a small wall and a patch of grass on the side.

The second change is limited to the red side, which mirrors the blue side of the three grassy areas and opens a new arresting route next to the defense tower.

In addition, mythological equipment has been removed and a lot of new equipment has been added in the new season. Such as guide, tour guide, rune compass (above is auxiliary), demon burst gun, storm surge, ghost mask (above is mage), electrified tricycle blade, blasphemy Hydra, taboo opportunity (above is assassin), bright echo, no final hatred, defeat (above is tank), burning sky, Hicks force rigid wall, excavation bit (above is soldier), boundary bow (shooter) and so on.

Remove Devil's embrace, Night Reaper, Ludden's agitation, stopwatch, Darksa's Twilight Blade, Darkwalker's claw, Twilight robe, Stone Ghost Slab Armor, Legion Holy Shield, thirsty Tomahawk, Divine Separator, Silver Dawn, Iron whip, fury knife, Wind Power and other equipment.

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