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Family education expert: how to create a family autonomous learning environment?

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Shulou( Report--

I often hear some parents complain like this: "when I made a deal with my child to watch TV for 20 minutes, he refused to turn it off when the time came."when the homework is not finished, the child is still playing games with his mobile phone or electronic gadgets. I won't give up at the appointed time and bargain with you all the time."

In fact, these behaviors and behaviors of children all point to a common problem: lack of self-discipline. However, self-discipline is not inborn. According to the research theories and methods of child developmental psychologist Piaget, children will experience the transition from heteronomy to self-discipline in the process of cognitive, emotional and behavioral development.

Especially under the current education system, it is more necessary for children to develop the ability of autonomous learning as soon as possible, and to lay the foundation for their own personalized and all-round development by adhering to the habit of self-discipline.

Piaget believes that from the age of two, children have a sense of understanding of norms of conduct and self-regulation. They gradually learn to evaluate themselves and take responsibility for their own actions and those of others. These self-assessment and self-management skills are the basis for them to develop self-awareness and self-control in adulthood.

Therefore, parents should do more scientific companionship and less "complaining" in family education. After understanding these rules, parents can consciously create an autonomous learning environment for family education, accompany their children to gradually transition from heteronomy to self-discipline, and develop good habits of autonomous learning.

Ma Tieying, a senior consultant on iEnglish intelligent English learning solutions, who has also studied children's autonomous learning and family education for many years, believes that in a family learning environment, parents can set different colors according to their children's personality characteristics, or they can choose different colors according to different bedroom functions combined with color psychology. In the future, there will be more intelligent furniture and equipment in the family learning environment, furniture facilities are more in line with ergonomics, give children a more comfortable environment, learning tools are more intelligent, and provide more professional services for children's learning.

For example, intelligent learning tables and chairs, intelligent learning tools and so on will be combined with AI technology to record children's learning process, and the desired learning materials can also be projected anywhere through AI technology. At the same time, the prosperity of 3D naked eye technology can also help children to learn in the scene, so that children can have an immersive learning experience at home.

Ma Tieying mentioned that in the iEnglish English style Show held in recent years, nearly 10,000 children from 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country who used iEnglish intelligent English learning solutions not only demonstrated excellent bilingual ability and talent skills in the activities, but more importantly, through the sharing of parents, they saw that parents helped their children develop the quality of persistence and the internal drive of autonomous learning through the sharing of parents. Completed the transformation from heteronomy to self-discipline.

Ma Minghan, 9, has been reading for more than two years since using iEnglish, which means that he insists on independent reading practice for no less than 30 minutes every day, regardless of school holidays, festive illness or temporary conditions. "as parents, we try our best to provide their children with a good educational environment and opportunities to improve and enrich their lives." In Ma Minghan's mother's view, children can develop the character of self-discipline thanks to several points: "first, iEnglish has set a lot of interest points to stimulate children's desire to persist, such as ETP educational games, playing while learning, such as a large number of books and videos, so that children are willing to explore new knowledge that they are interested in; second, children have their own goals and dreams, that is, to maintain excellent academic performance in persistence. Third, children have a sense of responsibility, because they have acquired the ability to read freely in English, and when they blend in with their classmates, they do not want to disappoint the students who regard themselves as role models because of their own lack of ability. "

In family education, the establishment of learning environment is the most difficult, especially English learning. For parents who do not have the foundation or ability to speak English, they need to rely more on their children's consciousness and self-drive. " When we choose iEnglish for our children, we also like the mother tongue environment built by the massive materials of the system and the application of AI technology. Even if we can't help, we can let our children accumulate in the company of iEnglish every day. Children's little dream is to be a bilingual host, first of all to achieve the ability of free English reading and free dialogue, can be closer to the child's dream. Mickey parents who have been reading iEnglish for more than 1000 days believe that "the process of reading iEnglish is actually a process in which children develop self-management and persistence habits."

Ma Tieying stressed that in the future study, it may highlight the importance of parents' company. In contact with learning, especially when language learning, children do not know how to adhere to, why adhere to the initial stage of heteronomy, must need the company and persistence of parents. " IEnglish sets up a learning and growth camp for parents to form habits (heteronomy) for 21 days, consolidate habits (self-discipline) for 100 days, and become habits (habits) for 1000 days. If they can persist in reading for 1000 days, then English reading and learning have basically become a part of their children's life. They can not only realize the interest, value and harvest brought by English acquisition, but also easily realize the transformation of reading ability (character). "

There is no shortcut to learning, self-discipline can make people self-motivated, in family education, accompany children to develop good study habits, complete the transition from heteronomy to self-discipline, and help children grow up more easily.

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