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Didi held the Fifth driver Festival and made ten promises to drivers.

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On November 20, the fifth Didi driver Festival was held in Hangzhou. More than 400 drivers from Didi Express Taxi, chauffeured cars, taxis and other drivers came to the scene to celebrate their own festival, and more than 40 outstanding drivers were honored. At the same time, Didi also made "top ten promises" to all drivers at the scene.

Drivers at the ▲ driver Festival event site this is the fifth Didi driver Festival, Development Research Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, China Seafarers' Construction Union, relevant subordinate units of the Ministry of Transport, Hangzhou Road Transport Management Service Center, leaders of the Traffic Security Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau and responsible persons of China Urban Public Transport Association attended the event and presented awards to the award-winning drivers together with the person in charge of the platform. Ye Baowen, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, said in his speech that Didi has made useful explorations in protecting the rights and interests of flexible employers. the Orange guarantee Plan launched a package of practical measures in the aspects of income security, safety and medical security, welfare care, organizational ownership protection, etc., which has greatly improved the sense of happiness, sense of security and acquisition of the vast number of drivers. It also provides a model for the protection of new business type's labor rights and interests. Gu Dasong, president of the ride-hailing branch of the China Urban Public Transport Association, said: "as the industry's leading platform, Didi has played a positive role in promoting the industry to strengthen the protection of drivers' rights and interests. today, Didi held a driver's festival in Hangzhou, which also shows us Didi's attitude and determination to practice social responsibility and protect drivers' rights and interests as a part of the industry."

Cheng Wei, chairman and CEO of Didi, expressed his thanks and best wishes to the drivers in the form of a video. Cheng Wei recalled that when the platform was first launched, there were only 16 drivers and there were not many orders, so it was very difficult at first. "along the way, there are a lot of drivers who believe in Didi and support Didi, so that we can develop to where we are today." Cheng Wei said.

Cheng Wei mentioned that there are millions of drivers on the platform, which are very hard every day, and many are not easy, but the strength to support everyone's heart is actually a responsibility to the family. What comes out is the rent, the tuition fee, and the expectation of the family. Didi platform has always felt a lot of pressure and responsibility. "We still have a lot of things to do, how to make everyone feel at ease on the road, so that drivers can have no worries, we still have a lot of work to do."

CEO of Didi ride-hailing platform company and Sun Shu, director of driver Ecological Development Committee, reported to the driver on the spot the work progress of the platform in driver income, order dispatch, old-age medical security, company-ride relationship, and so on. Sun Shu thanked all the drivers on the platform for their trust. More than 1 million drivers have joined Didi platform this year. Everyone may have different reasons for choosing Didi, but there is trust in Didi behind it. Didi set up the ecological development committee for ride-hailing drivers in 2021. The core purpose is that Didi can have an organization to collect and absorb the difficulties and doubts encountered by every driver in taking orders, so that Didi can solve one problem step by step.

▲ Didi ride-hailing platform company CEO, and Sun Shu, director of the driver Ecological Development Committee, thanked driver master Sun Shu for saying frankly that today Didi has only solved a very small part of the problem of feedback from drivers, and there is still a lot of work to be done. " Our mission, our daily efforts, is to make every driver, every morning, when they open the Didi owner App, they can rest assured to go out to work, make money and guarantee. At the same time, in the process of receiving orders, they are not aggrieved and respected. "

At the same time, Didi has also launched the driver's Festival Welfare Square at Didi owner App since November 18, providing drivers with multiple benefits such as "commission-free card", cash draw, car rental insurance, medical security subsidy upgrade, fuel charging discount, and so on. Didi owner App can be downloaded from all major app stores.

Didi will also hold its own "driver's Festival" in Qingdao, Nanjing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other cities one after another, and the 2023 Didi luxury car drivers' meeting will also be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places at the same time.

Salute Honorary driver Thank you for your trust and support

In this festival, which belongs to Didi drivers, more than 40 driver representatives from all over the country received annual honorary awards at the scene, including honorary drivers of chauffeured cars, outstanding captain of chauffeured taxis, honorary taxi drivers of the year, outstanding captain of express cars, honorary new drivers of express cars, and honorary drivers of express car pooling.

Master Yang, who was awarded long-term affection to accompany drivers in ▲, also presented a special commendation for "long-term companionship with drivers" at the live speech event, which was awarded to Master Yang Yongbing, the chauffeured taxi driver who made the earliest debut and the longest cumulative service month among Didi ride-hailing drivers. Master Yang from Beijing said it was a two-way reward. "Didi has a lot of orders, more security measures, and professional service training, which makes me feel promoted."

▲ attended the event of the "Didi guarantee team" and "Didi Public Rescue team" driver representatives, in addition, Didi also paid special tribute and thanks to all the driver masters of "Didi Security team" and "Didi Public Rescue team". In the past few years, Didi has set up 106 security convoys across the country, including medical and health care convoys, flood control and disaster relief fleets, major events and concerts, and so on, to help cities clear up order and provide necessary travel protection. At the same time, Didi drivers also formed a special "Didi public welfare rescue team" to actively participate in disaster relief, stranded people transfer, and material transfer work such as heavy rain in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Ten promises issued in response to the driver's question

▲ authorities, Industry Association Witness platform issued Ten promises Didi also released "Ten commitments" to drivers on the spot, including transparent extraction, more cost protection, enhanced dispatching experience, resolute crackdown on cheating, improvement of company-ride relations, guarding of car safety, listening to drivers' opinions, novice incentives and assistance, increasing old-age and medical security, and investment of 10 billion yuan in subsidies for drivers. Under the witness of the competent department and industry association, the relevant person in charge of Didi platform read out the commitment and signed it on the spot.

In addition, this year's "Didi driver Festival" also launched a "good opinion, will be realized" link, for drivers and masters are generally concerned about the word of mouth value, dispatching orders, driver disputes, driver safety and other questions, the relevant person in charge of the platform to answer on the spot.

The relevant person in charge of the ▲ platform answered the driver's questions on the spot over the past year or so. Didi solicited the opinions of the drivers through the online ride-hailing drivers' Ecological Development Committee, and the drivers provided various channels for "consultation" and "listening programs". More than 40,000 driver opinions were solicited, involving more than 600 kinds of questions, of which 433 kinds of questions have been answered. At the same time, more than 500 driver consultation meetings were held in more than 100 cities across the country to communicate and negotiate face-to-face with drivers to promote problem resolution.

In 2023, Didi upgraded the Orange Protection Plan, making continuous efforts in the three major aspects of driver income, rights and interests, and development. in the future, Didi will continue to explore more ways to increase drivers' income and protect drivers' rights and interests.

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