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Bilibili and Douyin crack down on online hostility: deal with outstanding problems such as provoking group antagonism and venting extreme emotions.

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Shulou( Report--, November 21, last Friday, according to the overall arrangement of the "Qinglang" series of special actions in 2023, the Central Internet Information Office announced that it would launch an one-month special campaign on "Qinglang Network hostility Control" across the country.

Today, bilibili issued a special governance announcement on "Qinglang Network hostility rectification," severely cracking down on seven types of outstanding problems, such as malicious attacks and abuse, provoking group antagonism, venting extreme emotions, and bad live broadcasting. including, but not limited to, offline, deletion or blocking of illegal content, ban or ban on illegal accounts, etc.

Bilibili's announcement shows: over the past week, bilibili has intercepted more than 630000 violations by the system, handled a total of 16731 violations, dealt with 347 illegal accounts, and permanently banned 9 illegal accounts.

Typical case disposal:

1. It involves extensive attacks and incites opposite categories of illegal content. I stand on the basis of my original work, focus on videos, private messages and other key links, clean up 4989 illegal comments such as "unpacking" users' real names, personal photos and identity information that invade other people's privacy, incite group antagonism and magnify group conflicts, and deal with "bread1", "fan * C" and other illegal accounts.

two。 Illegal content involving bad language and personal attack. Continue to crack down on low-quality content that interferes with the presentation of real public opinion through the use of foul language, such as avatars, profiles, comments, etc., cleaning up a total of 6021 illegal content and dealing with 143illegal accounts such as "iTunr" and "M* slip".

3. Live broadcast abusive fuse type illegal content. Through a two-pronged approach of system monitoring and manual inspection, we severely dealt with malicious quotation, vulgar language, edge ball and other violations in the live broadcast process, totaling 4515 warnings, cutting off 507, and dealing with 82 illegal accounts such as "C * Autumn" and "Si * o".

At the same time, Douyin also issued an announcement, saying that it has severely cracked down on outstanding problems, including "improper slander by social hot events, rumor-mongering attacks,"stigmatizing specific groups, inciting regional antagonism,"organized malicious abuse and reporting of others,"fabricating network slang, improperly creating obstruction," and other outstanding problems, such as provoking group antagonism, and venting extreme emotions.

Recently, the platform has disposed of a total of 7222 related videos, blocked 126 accounts indefinitely, banned 411 accounts for a short time, and closed 31 groups.

A few days ago, typical cases were found during the platform inspection as follows:

1. The account "Tong * step" and "Guo * t" set up accounts in the form of "anonymous contribution" and "online toilet", which are permanently banned and disposed of by the platform.

2. The account "businessman" embezzled other people's pictures and made up "the bride price of six sisters is 100000. Which one would you choose to be your wife?" False information and other rumors, such as "a woman spent 40 yuan to buy durian for domestic violence", caused netizens to question the attack, and the platform permanently banned and dealt with it.

3. There is bad live broadcasting behavior in the account "Ten * Feng" and "Li * Zi", and the platform will withdraw the live broadcast permission indefinitely.

4. The account "no * * measures"clang * * right" publishes content that stigmatizes others, and the platform will permanently ban and dispose of it.

5. Some accounts, such as "three * * beans" and "three * * lines", released content involving "enduring pain challenge" and "quagmire jumping" to attract netizens to watch, with the intention of increasing powder drainage and disturbing public order, and the platform banned it for 15 days.

The Internet Information Office said that the special action focused on the key links of online hostility, severely cracked down on malicious attacks and abuse, provoked group antagonism, vented extreme emotions and other outstanding problems, and resolutely punished a number of illegal accounts, groups, and website platforms to effectively curb the spread of online hostility.

According to reports, through carrying out special rectification, the Internet Information Office will further consolidate the main responsibility of the website platform, thoroughly find loopholes, improve the system and mechanism for preventing and controlling network hostility, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of netizens, and maintain a good network ecology.

It is worth mentioning that this special campaign has resolutely cracked down on seven issues around social networking, short videos, live streaming and other key platform types. The content attached to is as follows:

1. The behavior of "Internet toilet" and "opening the box and hanging people". Create special BOT accounts, post bars, topics, groups, etc., and receive and publish ridicule, malicious comments, curses and abuse messages aimed at specific groups or individuals by submitting articles anonymously and shouting across the air. Open the box and hang people maliciously in the name of disclosure and criticism, disclose other people's names, ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, home addresses, work units, personal photos, social accounts and other personal privacy information, and incite netizens to attack and abuse.

two。 Take advantage of social hot events to maliciously slander, spread rumors and attack. Carry on rumor-mongering and slander to the parties involved in the sudden incident, or edit and process pictures and videos that are seriously inconsistent with the facts, so as to induce netizens to attack and question the parties. Make use of the image of the parties involved in hot events, make and release emojis, and use AI software to synthesize fake pictures or videos such as vulgar pornography and bloody horrors to carry out rumor-mongering attacks and parodies.

3. Stigmatize specific groups and incite regional antagonism. Associate individual vicious social events and negative characters with gender, occupation, region and other characteristics, stigmatize and label specific groups, publish gender opposition, class opposition and regional discrimination, and carry out generalized attacks to intensify social contradictions.

4. Vulgar bad live broadcast behaviors such as fierce competition. Network anchors use brave fighting, competitive drinking, abuse, spitting and other behaviors to increase powder drainage. In the process of live broadcast by others, they use barrage, joint broadcasting and other functions to carry out personal attacks, and even encourage extreme behaviors such as suicide and self-harm. Fabricate violent conflict scripts such as fights to attract netizens to watch and disturb public order.

5. Report others in an organized and malicious way. In the name of "helping to do things" and "relieving worries and relieving anger", we provide paid scolding services, insulting messages and attacking private messages on specific accounts. Organize fan groups to use the platform "report", "anti-triad" and other functions to maliciously report others in batches. Release entertainment, sports, e-sports and other fields to step on the lead, malicious hype, induce fans to abuse each other, brush quantity control and evaluation.

6. Fabricate network slang and maliciously create obstacles. Through pinyin, homophone, demonstrative pronouns and other ways, maliciously fabricate vulgar bad buzzwords, pollute the network atmosphere. Use foul language and foul language to deliberately provoke contradictions and create opposing conflicts.

7. Incite extreme emotions on the Internet. Make up sensational post titles and post "vent anger posts" that make up something out of nothing and have no bottom line. Maliciously exaggerate the contradiction between teachers and students, exaggerate parents "oppress" and "squeeze" their children, provoke antagonism, and form a bad orientation to minors. Deliberately exaggerate negative feelings, anxiety and resentment, and spread hostile remarks.

During the special operation, we should persist in attacking with heavy blows, focus on closing a number of account groups that have serious violations and have a bad impact, resolutely ban a number of functional sections where hostility gathers and have outstanding problems, and strictly investigate and deal with a number of website platforms that fail to perform their duties and commit crimes against the wind to form a strong deterrent.

1. Strictly investigate and deal with illegal accounts, groups and posts. Conduct an in-depth investigation of high-risk accounts and groups, resolutely ban accounts and groups with the themes of "network toilet", "unpacking people" and "trampling", seriously investigate and deal with anchor accounts that organize fierce competition and live broadcast, strictly punish "self-media" accounts that publish "title party" content and deliberately incite network hostility, and focus on shutting down a number of circles named with insulting words and network hostility, hypertext and posting. Take off the shelves and close the shops that provide paid scolding and other services.

two。 Strictly investigate and deal with violation function settings. Strengthen the management of key functions such as live barrage, joint broadcasting and competition, and resolutely clean up and deal with the content of network hostility. Focus on canceling a batch of functional applications that organize malicious reports. It is forbidden to push "online toilet" accounts to users through functions such as "relevant recommendations", "TA following" and "people who may be interested". Strengthen the examination and management of memes, P-puzzles, video clips, AI synthesis and other functions, and clean up emojis, pictures and videos that contain parody attacks and provoke antagonism.

3. Strictly investigate and deal with illegal platform links. Urge the website platform to strengthen the management of lists, topics, recommendations, comments, private messages and other links, and strictly prohibit the promotion of content inciting and promoting online hostility in lists and recommendations, and reduce private message harassment by setting up "private message folding" and "message box". For websites, App and Mini Program with outstanding problems, punishment measures such as rectification within a time limit, fines, suspension of related functions, shutdown and removal shall be taken in accordance with the law.

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