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MediaTek released Tianji 8300 5G generative AI mobile chip: GPU performance increased by 60%, power consumption reduced by 50%

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Shulou( Report-- November 21 news, MediaTek held a press conference today in Beijing, officially launched the new Tianji 8300 mobile chip positioning light flagship market, as a new member of the Tianji 8000 family, Tianji 8300 has advanced generative AI technology and high energy efficiency features, and excellent game experience, while having high-speed and stable network connectivity.

Tianji 8300 adopts the second generation 4nm process of TSMC. Based on the Armv9 CPU architecture, the eight-core CPU contains four Cortex-A715 performance cores of the highest frequency 3.35GHz and four Cortex-A510 energy efficiency cores of the highest frequency 2.2GHz. The peak performance of CPU is 20% higher than that of the previous generation, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%.

In addition, the peak performance of the Tianji 8300 with 6-core GPU Mali-G615,GPU is 60% higher than that of the previous generation, and the power consumption is reduced by 55%. Tianji 8300 supports excellent memory and flash memory specifications, which can bring users a smooth and smooth experience in games, daily applications, images and other scenes.

Tianji 8300 takes the lead in supporting generative AI in peer-to-peer products, with up to 10 billion parameter AI large language model. The chip integrates MediaTek AI processor APU 780. equipped with generative AI engine, the performance of integer operation and floating-point operation is twice as high as that of the previous generation, and supports Transformer operator acceleration and mixed-precision INT4 quantization technology. The comprehensive performance of AI is 3.3 times that of the previous generation, and can smoothly run the innovative applications of terminal-side generation AI.

Tian Ji 8300 is equipped with MediaTek's new generation "Star Speed engine". Through its unique performance algorithm, it can schedule resources in real time according to the application's performance requirements and device temperature information, so that users can enjoy a long-lasting game experience with high frame stability and low power consumption. Star Speed engine will not only cooperate widely with game applications, but also expand the ecological cooperation of more types of applications and upgrade users' App experience.

In addition, Tian Ji 8300 also supports flagship LPDDR5X 8533Mbps memory, UFS 8300 flash memory and multiple round robin queuing technology (Multi-Circular Queue,MCQ). The memory transfer rate is 33% higher than that of the previous generation, and the flash read and write rate is 100% higher.

Tianji 8300 is equipped with a 14-bit HDR-ISP Imagiq 980image processor to improve terminal computing photography performance and upgrade photo and video recording experience. Users can not only easily record clearer and sharper 4K60 HDR videos, but also get longer battery life.

MediaTek Tianji 8300 integrates 3GPP R16 5G modems to provide a more high-speed and stable 5G network experience. Tianji 8300 is optimized for a specific scenario to achieve a smoother 5G connection in a network environment with weak signals. at the same time, it also enhances the connection performance and range of the Sub-6GHz network, supports 3-carrier aggregation, and the theoretical peak downlink rate can reach 5.17Gbps.

Tianji 8300 also supports MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0 + power-saving technology, which can reduce the power consumption of 5G communications by up to 20%. The performance of Wi-Fi 6e is enhanced and supports 160MHz bandwidth. Support Wi-Fi Bluetooth hyperconnection technology, smart phone at the same time connect Bluetooth headset, wireless handle and other peripherals with lower delay.

Finally, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, also attended the Tianji 8300 conference and announced the flagship AI platform of Tianji 8300-Ultra jointly developed by Redmi and MediaTek. The global debut of Redmi K70e phones from Tianji 8300-Ultra, including the entire Redmi K70 series of phones, will be officially launched this month.

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