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Xiaomi Redmi K70E mobile phone opens the appointment, or it will be released on November 29th.

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 21 news, Xiaomi Redmi K70E has been on the shelves of and opened an appointment. The page shows that there are 3 hours left in 8 days, and the appointment ends on November 29. It may also be released on the same day: click here to view.

Purchase Redmi K70E can enjoy 180 days only change without repair, send rice home intelligent fat scale and other benefits. reported earlier that at the launch of MediaTek's Tianji 8300 new products, Lu Weibing announced that Redmi and MediaTek jointly customized the new generation of Tianji 8300-Ultra flagship AI platform, Redmi K70 E mobile phone world premiere of the processor, and will launch the Tienji platform surfing OS for the first time.

Lu Weibing also revealed that the Redmi K70 E mobile phone is equipped with a rage engine 3.0, and an Rabbit has a running score of more than 152 million.

Xiaomi officially released the game warm-up test. Under the condition of original picture quality, original resolution and room temperature 25 ℃, Redmi K70E tested an open world game for one hour and achieved an average frame rate of 58.86 FPS.

In addition, Redmi K70E known as "full landing AIGC", supports AI input, quick creation of text; AI photo, create brand-new photos; AI expansion, automatically generate all around the picture AI text, inspiration quick picture; AI album search, enhance the freedom of map search; AI real-time subtitles, record the content of the meeting and intelligent summary. Redmi K70E6 interest-free to be released direct link

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