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Xiaomi Group: a total of 47.0618 million shares will be awarded under the 2023 share Plan

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Shulou( Report-- The closing price of the Award Shares on the date of grant was HK$15.380 per share ( Note: currently approximately RMB14).

▲ Xiaomi Group Announcement According to previously reported, Xiaomi Group released the third quarter performance announcement as of the end of September on November 20. Revenue in the third quarter was 70.89 billion yuan, estimated at 70.46 billion yuan, up 0.6% year-on-year; adjusted net profit in the third quarter was 5.99 billion yuan, estimated at 4.65 billion yuan, up 182.9% year-on-year. Operating profit for the third quarter was 5.01 billion yuan, estimated at 5.37 billion yuan, compared with a loss of 1.36 billion yuan in the same period last year.

Xiaomi's smartphone business revenue in the third quarter was 41.6 billion yuan. Global smartphone shipments were 41.8 million units, up 4.0% year-on-year and 27.0% month-on-month.

Xiaomi's revenue from IoT and consumer products in the third quarter was 20.67 billion yuan, up 8.5% year-on-year; Internet service revenue was 7.76 billion yuan, up 9.7% year-on-year. Among them, the AIoT platform has connected IoT devices (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops) to 699 million, an increase of 25.2% year-on-year.

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