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The mobile version of the simulation game "the Great Xiuxian Simulator" was publicly tested on December 20.

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Shulou( Report--, November 22 (Xinhua)-- the Great Xiuxian Simulator has officially announced that the public trial of the mobile version of the game has been officially scheduled for December 20, and the appointment has now been opened.

According to the official introduction, the mobile version is optimized for mobile devices, the experience is consistent with the PC side, and you can play hundreds or even thousands of hours of content for free.

As of, the game's praise rate on Steam has reached 88%, the national price is 88 yuan, and the current 30% discount is 61.60 yuan.

"Great Fairy Simulator" is a game that combines the elements of Roguelike, survival, character formation, simulation management, strategy and so on. In the game, players will guide the character's survival and production from the perspective of God and build their own school. In this process, you will feel the accidents or surprises encountered by the characters, solve the crises and difficulties they face, and create your own fairy legend.

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