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Jointly build open source Hongmeng Oniro system, Open Atomic Open Source Foundation and Eclipse Foundation sign cooperation agreement

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Thanks to netizens AseKhalil and Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! news on November 22, November 21, Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement with Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich OpenHarmony-based open source project Oniro. Note: Oniro is an open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony operating system launched by the Eclipse Foundation.

According to reports, the signing of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation has created two firsts:

First, for the first time in the history of open source, the two foundations jointly develop an open source ecology by means of code, brand, IP and authentication, which provides a new model of cooperation for the open source industry and explores a new paradigm for open source global cooperation.

Second, the domestic open source foundation has signed a cooperation contract with overseas foundations for the first time, and the two sides give play to their respective advantages in technical projects, developer ecology and marketing activities to jointly promote the development of open source projects around the world.

According to officials, Oniro aspires to be a transparent, vendor-neutral and independent alternative to the Internet of things and edge operating systems. To this end, Oniro will provide a compatible independent implementation of OpenHarmony. According to the official website, Oniro is a distributed operating system that connects large and small consumer devices.

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